Change my life

That night I though and thought about the boy and suddenly I craved and craved about him in a funny way I wanted to eat his blood. Then my dad wanted to talk to me about something something strange that change my life and my atmosphere around other people he talked about our family and he said it better if you hear this now not later but your mum is still alive and well not clearly alive but Undead she was a vampire !.

My dad told me when I will be eighteen I will become a strong,beautiful,pale,soulless,vampire and then I won't be aloud around people or the boy I truly love in school. I hate life and my life was gonna go at the age of eighteen when my life is suppose to start.

This is my challenge I thought in my head, I will get to know the beautiful, good looking guy that I meet in school today first but after some couple of months I will just have to go,I'm not turning into a vampire because I think it will be way harder for me if he's a human and I will never want to hurt him or change him into the monster i will become, so my plan is to kill myself without no one knows or will never find out.

Mum was still alive and I didn't want to get to know her as she prefer being a bloodsucking vampire than being with me I didn't care about her now so the thing I was gonna do was to keep her dead in my heart.

When I tried to kill myself he made it easier by hurting me baddeley by telling his secret to me .

The End

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