Something Strange

I was scared that morning arriving a new school with new people to talk to. I was scared of the atmosphere I got if I walked in, would they laugh or would they just start arguing with me. When I reached the school car park people start talking instantly, I wasn't scared now but quite nervous. Today I wore a nice sleeved woolen top with some pair of jeans and my hair was all curly and naturally and my face all pale and quite smooth. People looked amazed on me while I walked through the big wide corridor into my first class chemistry I liked chemistry a lot but this morning I couldn't be asked because well I was a new girl in school with no friends at the moment.

The strange thing was that day I fall in love with a guy same age as me but he was dashing good looking and had his hair all up in a tidy but a bit rough quiff. I remember he had blue but quite dark blue eyes and a tan face and perfect ,he was an ordinary good looking boy nothing strange about him. He sat by me in chemistry, he talked and talked and he smiled his cheesy grin towards me then suddenly he asked why I moved here, then I froze because I ha vent talk about my mum with no one before but then I told him without thinking he said

" I'm so sorry to hear"

I replied " It's Okay " I really wanted to cry but I kept strong and I felt that pain in my heart very strong that It killed me when I touched against my small heart. My heart was pupping blood so fast now I gathered. I never talked about mum before with a stranger well he wasn't a stranger he was a new friend at a new school which I didn't know nothing about him well not that much, only he had blue eyes and his facial looks and his name Mike James and he was totally handsome but also something mysterious about him while I was in the car park he kept looking at me as if he would jump in front of a bullet to save my life but all he was doing was staring at me I felt awkward and then I travelled back to dads house in my little ford focus red car.

While I drive, the forestry was all colourful, not colorful but all greenish and all beautiful in the darkness I saw something but then I glitched and look straight ahead into my dads drive.

It Probably my eyes that saw something in that darkness or was it.

The End

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