I Will Always Love You

" Love can sometimes make you go insane but also reckless at the same time"

Lily Rose Taylor was a Typical Teenage girl. At the age of seventeen she had to move school from one country to another as her mum died in a tragic car accident on her way to work. Lily Rose has to move at her Workaholic dad in the north America. New school,new friends,but all she wanted was her mum back alive.


Life is short,I every time thought when I was small what is the point of living life to grow up get kids and then die after all the effort, In my point of view life is just the waste of a time, well for me anyways.

My mum died couple of months ago in a car accident on her way to work,I am now currently living in the North of America somewhere called Settle it is a quite nice place but I wish I was still living home with my mum again but that will never happen.

I sometimes wish I was dead so that I could see mum again but bet you all the heaven thing and seeing her again is just Lie's.

But I'm glad I've moved here I still do reckless things but I finally have someone I truly love but he hurt me at the same time.

So If dieing is the answer then I will do it.

No Matter What ...

The End

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