Soon later, I was sitting in an interview room with the plump man, Simon, “Harmony, you must tell us the truth, do you understand?” there was a pause, I looked up at him, the wildness had passed…for a while.

“Yes.” I sigh.

“So, what happened?”


I sit in a different cell now, it is large and ominous, long and tall. Beds line up on either side with metal cages around them. In almost all of the cages is a woman who has done a terrible deed. The devils have returned several times whilst I have been here, but all times I have been left by the guards. To fight my own battles. That is a scary thought to me, as it used to be that father would come and sit and hold my shaking hands still, not looking even worried or scared as I screamed the bitter twisted curses. But now, I am left, shouted at by some of the women to shut up, they want to sleep. But I can’t be quiet. They won’t let me. As they bite at my skull, angry I am trapped in this room, waiting for the guards to come and take me, there is nothing they can do. I am mad. Cursed by my mother’s evil ghost, but the law cannot be changed for one person.

I can remember little of those deadly two days. They were a terrible, petrifying blur. I had argued with my father that evening, he wanted me to stay with him, so he could help, but I wanted to learn things, meet people, maybe even someone who could cure me of the devils. We had argued so long and in the back of my mind I had known, sort of. The nibbling and scratching at my skull had begun. Nasty whispers telling me what I should do, they all deserved it! I knew it was coming and I knew I would do something terrible, I didn’t want the something terrible to be done to my father, so I ran. I remember seeing blurred white and green strands under my feet, I ran so long, they became crisp and slippery, a shadowy blue-grey underfoot. I had eventually stopped fighting the angry monsters in the shadow of my insanity, I ran into a village, nobody saw me, all were asleep, except for an unfortunate servant-boy and the milk maid. They were easy enough for the devils…

It is a fresh morning, bright and crisp. Birds are singing, enjoying the early months of summer. There is no lavender smell, only the sewage from each ragged cell. Contempt and sorrow runs through the room, no regret or pity. Today is the day.

I remember when I was younger, the devils did not visit me so often, but would only sometimes spring to my young mind. But I used to have a trick to rid myself of them, I would watch the butterflies of the country fields. Watching them dance and play calmed me and eventually I watched them all of the time to stop the devils coming. But as I got older, it became harder and I seemed to see fewer butterflies…

The End

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