I Watch The Butterflies

I stood amongst all the shouting, tired from the anger, staring at nothing and feeling nothing. The bubbling anger I had felt all that afternoon had dissolved and I was silent as I was led away, I watched horrified figures, shadows, staring disgustedly at me as I passed. The strength of the rough holds on my wrists and the sound of the steady clip clop of the horses rung through my mind. The ragged sound of the wheels on muddy ground. Not knowing where to look, I looked nowhere, took in nothing of the journey. So long it seemed to be, though in the back of my mind some sense still remained, telling me it had lasted but five minutes at the most. There was no feeling on my skin, other than dirtiness, the dry specks of blood and mud from the panic. A feeling of complete shame ruing through me, I was almost unfeeling, other than the shy ashamedness in the pit of my queasy stomach. I heard, not saw, the door being swung open and the plump man gently took my shoulder. He was a friend of my fathers - he pitied him, not me. He sighed. I could hear the whisperings, itching at the inside of my skull.

I was lead along a long corridor into a stinking, pungent cell. The quiet discussions echoed all around, what should they do with me? “The devil has taken her. Murder has only one punishment here, but, is it fair to?”

Looking all around, I started to regain my senses. The room was cold, making little bumps appear on my filthy skin. I was highly aware of the stench coming from my clothes, but other than that there was a smell of lavender, I stood up to see where it was coming from… a little garden not far away. The cell was too small, not cosy small but horribly claustrophobic. It was covered in dust that raced into my nose, blocking my senses like a deadly drug. The room was damp and had cracks up its walls; it was broken…like me.

Soon later, I was sitting in an interview room with the plump man, Simon, “Harmony, you must tell us the truth, do you understand?” there was a pause, I looked up at him, the wildness had passed…for a while.

“Yes.” I sigh.

“So, what happened?”


The End

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