It's about some people... some guns... and a whole hell load of zombies.

I was in elementary school when it started. It started with someone I didn’t know coming up to me and staring me down, I was walking to school. I thought he was a paedophile, I was twelve and in my last year of elementary. I got to school late and I got in trouble for it. Sounds like an ordinary day, until someone, the same someone from before, came up to the gate of our school and looked around. He must have been looking for me. I sat next to the window in my class and when I saw him I got up and stared at him through the window. He noticed me and I flinched away from the window I sat next to in my English class. The teacher was saying something to me. I didn’t catch it. I ran out the room and headed for the gate where some teachers were saying something to him. He looked dead. One of the P.E teachers told me to go back to class; I told him that this man was following me earlier. All the teachers turned round to me; then the man pulled the bars apart on the gate and got to us. He was going to kill us all. I wasn’t going to survive this one. This was my death. I screamed and the teachers turned back to him, the teacher who told me to get back to class had been bitten and was now coming after us. I ran straight to the principal’s office and told him but he didn’t believe me. I ran around all the classes and told everyone to leave. The teachers didn’t believe me either; I was just a child after all. When the other teachers who were with me at the gate got bitten they decided to kill the people in their classes at the time. I ran to my best friends’ class and got her out of there, the teachers had started believing me now. Even the principal believed me. We tried to rescue all the pupils but almost everyone got bit and turned into a dead thing… This was it. The zombie apocalypse. By the time myself and my best friend got out of the school the whole town was flooded with dead people. My parents were in there, my brother and my sister. My brothers girlfriend, they were all dead, and now zombies. We ran into people from the high school, there were five of them and they were carrying weapons. These were the people we had to stay with, unless we wanted to die but something told me that we didn't.

The End

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