I was confused...I didn't know it would mean this...

Life's hard, but who said it would be easy?


I was confused, confused and mad. No one seems to understand this though. I never meant to hurt her, but now it's too late to do anything and no one understands.

That isn't strictly speaking true though, there's one person who understands, but I can't talk to them. He's known as the creep, the creep who was always alone.

I'm Chrissy, Chrissy Jones and until today I have never known what it is like to be "unpopular". That's also the first time I have said that. I just never was, I always had friends, always had people trying to be like me and always had guys coming after me. I also never realised how "powerful" I was. I always had the power when walking down the corridors. People would move to the side for me and made sure they were out of my way. Sometimes, people would even shout after me on how I was looking and on what I was wearing. 

 I miss that now, more than ever. No one will listen to me, none of my “ex-friends” anyway. It makes me so sad and makes me feel so unwanted which I have felt many times, but I’ve just never showed it.

My Mum and Dad may be quite rich living in a mansion 8 hours away from my brother and I, but we never see them anymore. They are always off on a cruise or doing business to do with work. They don’t have time for us.

 Finn (my brother) and I are the same, but aren’t. We like the same things and hate the same things just like a lot of twins, but at school we are completely different. I never speak to Finn at school and he never speaks to me. It’s just the way it is. It’s easier and gives us both a chance to live different lives. 

 At home we were so close. Always having a laugh and always doing something together. That’s how it used to be anyway.

 Lizzie Stuart, my best friend is amazing. I will never find anyone quite like her. She always had and knew the latest on gossip, had the perfect life and had the perfect family. I was so jealous of her. I only just realised how amazing she is, now that she’s gone. She is so perfect, my only wish was to be just like her and live just like her. We were never apart. That’s how it used to be anyway...

 One person is to blame and I can’t even say their name right now because I am so mad. I’ve never felt this way and I think of people that have this on a day to day basis. I don’t know how they cope? It’s such a strange feeling. I feel open and I feel sad. I feel proud and I feel happy, but I don't really know.

I love my life, slight correction I loved my life, but now everything has changed.

The End

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