Have you ever lied? Broke a promise? Made a mistake or done something you regret? Have you done it to protect someone or something? Whatever the reason is I am sure you have all done one of them at least once.

So you lie to one of your best friends, thinking you are doing the right thing. You broke a promise and that then leads to breaking a friendship. But you know you did it for the best, so you thought, anyway. Lets get to the start of what happened.

So one of your friends, called Kirilly, tells you that your close friend, Courtney, is self-harming herself. When I first heard about it I thought Kirilly was lying, that was until i saw the cuts on her left wrist. 

Two weeks later you tell Courtney that you know about the self-harming. You ask her why she started? Why is she doing it? and a lot more questions but she doesn't answer them instead Courtney than goes and has a yell at Kirilly, for telling me. Kirilly says that I won't go tell anyone and that it just came out. So Courtney forgives Kirilly but still not happy that I know about what she is doing. I promise I won't say anything because it was only a little bit of cuts.

The End

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