Do you ever feel like the whole world is killing you? I do, in fact I am right now. Lie, lies, lies, is all I've been told for the past how ever many years, months I don't even know and I don't even care. 

Everytime I see her, something erupts inside of me. I used to find it easy to hold the eruption done and slow it down. But now though it's been slowed down too much, that it now can't be stopped, I know what will happen when it erupts though and it won't be nice... Oh dear.

I'm avoiding her now, it's the best thing to do. Sometimes I see her staring at me across the canteen. Her eyes staring at me, as if it's all my fault. It's hers though and she knows it! If she hadn't reeled off all those lies, one after another, constantly conjuring up new plans, lies and things to cover everything up. But I know and she will do anything to stop me from telling and saying anything to anyone. She can't risk it. Her brother would kill her after everything he's done to make her life perfect and happy after everything...

Now, there's a lot of 'everything' s there, but trust me, they all mean the same things, more or less anyway. Always bad. 

The End

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