I want to leave Pernicious

I'm trying again tonight, I placed the can of glow in the dark flourescent paint in my bag. I also carried two two liter bottles of water, the most curious thing, walking here, you became very thirsty. I set my alarm for 11pm and stretched out on the bed. I was fully dressed, I only had to slip on my shoes, the bag with my supplies sat next to the bed.. Nothing to do now but grab a little shut eye and wait.

The distant sound of a train clutched at my heart, I wondered if they had given up looking for me, I tried not to cry but, despair overwhelmed me..

It was to have been a vacation lasting around two weeks, I have been here six months, I think.. I couldn't really tell, time didn't seem to act familiar in Pernicious Valley, yea, should have looked that name up before I entered. Why didn't I just get in my car and drive away? About a week after arriving here, my car died, I don't know why, I can't get parts, it is just deceased.

Pernicious Valley.. take it apart, Pernicious meant "highly injurious, wicked", we all know what a valley is and, you can stand in the middle of this Pernicious Valley and see the road out of town, literally, it went out and up but, you couldn't get to it, at least I couldn't. Oh not that the town was bad, the people were nice, syruppy nice, the town was beautiful, astonishingly so, it was peaceful, like a cemetary.

The alarm sounded like an explosion in the deep stillness of the night. I was afraid it would wake one of the occupants of Pernicious Valley, not that they would try to stop me, they would just smile and say "see ya later alligator".  It was true, they would see me later, I’d end up lost, walking around in circles, then finding my way to the towns cafe,

I slipped on my shoes, grabbed the bag and closed the door behind me.

The road was just ahead, I sprayed the orange paint on the tree trunk, just in case, it was easy to get lost in Pernicious Valley.

I walked towards the road, I had already consumed one liter of water. The road was right there, right there but, the more I walked the further away it was, the thirstier I became and the more my spirits dropped. The only thing in my favor, at least to my way of thinking, I hadn't passed one of the many trees sprayed flourescent orange. That thought gave me a little boost and I picked up my pace.

The sun was rising, any other time I would have ignored it however, right now it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I ordered a cup of coffee, which I knew I wouldn't have to pay for, everytime I'd tried to leave and failed, I was given coffee and a good hearty breakfast for free.

Staring into the cup I began to cry.. An old gentleman sitting at the booth in front of me reached his hand out to touch mine, I don't know why, I grabbed his hand and gripped it hard..

His voice was strong and youthful, it didn't fit the frail being that sat there holding my hand.. he said "Child why do you cry.. is it really so bad in Pernicious Valley, has anyone or anything hurt you, have you wanted for a thing.. tell me why do you cry?"

I raised my head and stared into the deep dark eyes.. I knew my answer would be the key to freedom or, what I perceived as freedom..

"I just wanted to rest, I needed time away, I needed to clear my mind and start over, I just wanted a vacation.. I miss my family.."

He smiled at me,, and said.."It's funny you should say that, I recall something someone said to thier family once.. they said " You all make me sick.. if I could run away, I would, not seeing any of you again wouldn't phase me one bit!"

I was horrified, I had said that, I had been so angry but, I didn't mean it, I loved them, I didn't mean it.. Oh God, I truly didn't mean that.

He smiled,, "Sometimes we say things we don't mean but, no matter how angry we get, we have to think, sometimes the last thing you say may be the very last thing you say, understand?" Of course I understood, the tears fell, I put my head down on my arm and cried myself to sleep.

Phillip held my hand so tight, I opened my eyes, how did he get here.. "When did you come?" He smiled and told me he had been there from the beginning, since they'd first brought me in, said wild horses couldn't have dragged him away.

I closed my eyes again, when I woke, Phillip was asleep with his head laying on the side of the bed.. the bed was not the one in the room in Pernicious Valley, it was a hospital bed. He felt me stir and opened his eyes,, I told him, my car had died and I couldn't get parts or I would have been home a long time ago... He looked puzzled for a moment then, he smiled.. "Don't worry about it, you can get another car, the insurance will pay for it.. you're right though, it died,... it was totalled."

The End

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