I Want To Grow Old With You...Mature

Annie and George have known each other since they were little. Being best friends since they were seven, it wasn't surprising when George asked Annie out. But as Annie got older, she realised something was different about George, that could have a massive impact on there relationship.As she got older, he stayed twenty years old.


The day I finally accepted the truth, was the day I sat on that floral armchair watching him run around the garden with my grandchildren. He looked just as handsome as the day I married him and he had had my heart for all those years since.

He lifted the youngest in the air, and twirled her around. Her gentle screams filled the rooms, and I laughed to myself. His arms looked so strong, so young, as they pushed her higher into the sky. His hair showed no signs of grey and the way he was jumping about, it was like he was a quarter of his age. 

Forever twenty. 

Before, I had assumed he would grow old eventually. But sat there on that sunny day, realisation hit me and I knew that he couldn't. He wouldn't. 

"Gran! Can I have a drink please?" Shouted little Timothy. I smiled again. Can I have? Can I have? The first words children learn. 

I stood up, and trembled. My legs were weak now a days and I found it a lot harder to walk. Each step was a challenge, each task a mountain to climb. I saw the worried glance that he gave me from outside, but he stayed put. He knew by now, not to help.

He took it worse than I had, when we found out. At first he wouldn't even believe it. He thought I was going mad, and so did I at the time. Sometimes I still do. As if this whole life is a dream, and I am going to wake up one day, to see him lay next to me, normal. But my life has been long and I know now that it can't be a dream. 

I was still grinning, now because of the fact that I could still see him out of the kitchen window. I could never take my eyes of him; my loving miracle. 

His smooth skin, and shining eyes. The small signs of a stubble on his chin, and his shaggy brown hair. You know, people pass us and mistake him for my grandson. How would they know he is actually older than me?

At the beginning, I hadn't thought about the end - not straight away. I hadn't expected for it to get like this. But it had and there was nothing we could do about it now.

Stood at that window, watching him playing in the garden, that's when I knew that one day I would die. 

And when that happened, he would be forced to live on forever. 


The End

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