What is life?


I have no idea. I come to think about life and what it means and I'm overwhelmed by a barrage of memories. Sights, sounds, smells. Lives I've crossed, lives I'll never see, lives I've touched and have danced with.

Life to me means so much but I cannot capture it in words. I cannot brings its meaning through my pen in all its billion shining facets.

Life is what makes me feel glad to be part of it. When the sun rises pink in the mornings over the sea. When the dew glitters like the scales of darting fish and I lie in the grass fresh and green, the scent of cool air washing over me. When music fills my ears and my head and my heart and I am blind to everything else. When a crowd of people around me rise up and all call out in unison and I feel like I belong. When one person comes and tells me I mean something to them and I just smile.

Life is crying yourself to sleep because you just want to. Life is bashing your head against a wall to relieve the pain. Life is being dragged down and fighting to get back up. Life is being alone and out of money and out of work and out of home. Life is hiding away because you're shivering in the eyes of fear. Life is dealing with failure.

Life is when you give that little bit extra to do what's right. When it's one in a million and today you're the millionth. Life is when after all the rubbish happening, you're still left there with your rubbish and you love it. Life is best shared.

Life is everything that makes it worth living.

Or that's my take on it.

The End

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