I want to go to sleep, I really do...

Musings of someone.

I want to go to sleep. I really do. But something is stopping me. I'm really not sure what. You know. You know how it is. When you feel like you should do something, but there's just a part of you, the part that says, no, I won't, not now, I don't want to. It doesn't really make logical sense and usually has a negative impact.

Like now.

Like now when I want to go to sleep.

Or rather I know I should go to sleep because I am already exhausted.

Is this the twisted part? Of our minds? The part that makes us stay awake when we should sleep, the part that makes us say things we want to when we know we shouldn't? Or is it something else?

So many questions. Well. Make up my own answers. For that's what life is. Life is...

What is life?

The End

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