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The church  


 She looked into the books of marriage and found that there were several women, whom had been married to him.  There were several women who had married him, in intervolves of twenty years. There was no listing of them dieing.  Also there was a listing of children being born by these women.

     There was no sign of his name, anywhere other than his name on the first land title here.  But that was 250 years ago, No mention of it, other than on the marriage licenses that were here on the land titles.  She saw, him, he looked to be only 60 years old.  That makes no sense, he had to be 60 years old no older than that.  Also that the women he married all had the same last name.   

      They gave birth to children who were listed as being his children, none of them had been named Jacob.  Yet, he was called Jacob.  And was still living and breathing, here.


       There also was an oddity, that these women’s last names were the same.  That meant that they were of the same family that did not make sense.  There was no way in which the women could not possibly be giving birth to these children.  It suggested that they were related to the family. Mendel’s theorem would suggest they would be defects in them of monstrous proportion.

     Genetics would not still be good news; syndrome was being deterred mental to the family.  There is no mention of the children after being born. She was astounded by what she was seeing none of it made any sense. Where did the woman come from, she did not know, but she most assuredly would find out. Unless, she was not a reporter for the Trib.

       She shuddered to think, that she had even a general idea as to what she had stumbled into. The things that she had just read defied everything she knew. None of it made any sense to me.   There was no list of these women anywhere in the paper s that she had been given to from them; it was as if they did not exist after they married him.

     There was no way that she could be unable to do these things. 

I suspected that we had to have an answer that would explain this matter. Trouble would be before us. She needed to find a sense of these things being done before 


    She left the building, looked for an answer that would be before me.  The employee looked at me as if she had been able to find answer to the problem that she had found an answer to the problem that was before me.  Who had slain the woman, whose camera she found by the swamp.

   She was astounded for finding the answer to this equation, but that still did not explain why he was so old.  Still alive defied all answer is that she could find and arrange to come through with an answer to this problem. 

     There was no record of his off spring other than their being born.  They must have some record other their being born.




      The community had a church, so they were Roman Catholics.  The school would be they s that is where she would check to see if there was any further record of them. She knew, it would be there and the church would have a record of that, too.


     So, that was where she was going to.  This story was going to make me, famous. Yes, sire.  Bob.  She was going to write it, it would have her name on the by line.  This story would maybe make it in print for a novel.  She would just have to plan her ideas, a better.  She would exhaust every lead to get this done.

By the lord’s name, it would be. her editor will listen to what she have to say without a moment’s hesitation it will be public she’d.  She smiled to me; she had a story that he could not deny.

     She decided she would go there next. Taking off her hi heels to run to her car, to get in and drive off to there.  She saw the church’s huge steeple rising into the air like an out stretched hand to the heavens as if to call for god to see it there. The bell tolled the hour from its  steeple, and it  was almost five now.  She would no doubt have to look into this matter, 



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Chapter 3

     Hearing a sound, She opened  her eyes, to peer at her window.  She saw a silver being peering through the window at me. She was on the fourth floor.  How could it have gotten up here?  She did not know how it got here,   

    The silver being pulled itself into the window, She saw smoke flow off of the window to allow it inside, She discovered it had breasts, and other portions of a woman. She could clearly see it as it advanced towards me.  It had shoulder length hair, long nails.  Large lips, and a pert nose, high eyebrows. It was six to seven feet tall.

The woman raised an eyebrow at me, and smiled demurely.  It lifted one of its hands towards me. She rolled out of bed, dove onto the floor as it reached the bed. Flames erupted from the bed. She knew better than to try and touch it.  It would have me, and that was a certainty.   

Black smoke filled the room, she  had to stop it. She knew she had too.  The images of her hands being reduced to ash and bone, still presided in her mind. She was afraid, of what it could do.  It had an interest in me as well as the boy.

I raced out of her room to avoid it from touching me.  It was making a serious effort to reach me.  She knew she was in trouble, from what it had done in the boy's room. She knew nothing about its weak spots.  

Tearing out into the hallway in her night gown was what she did. She was in a sexy night gown, the door slammed behind me; she froze, right where she stood. Seeing a shape of an open human hand appear on the side of the door where she stood, watching white wisps of smoke rise from it.   

     The hand closed, barely missing me. By scant inches. She looked inside through the hole in her door to see its face leering at me.  She danced out of sight.  Smoke and flames engulfed the door.  

I leapt aside.   It now walked into the hallway; she was in flight down the stairs s.  Running so fast, she does not think her toes touched a stair.  Running head long.  Not daring to look behind me.  She felt the heat from her as she moved down the stairs s towards me.  

I collided with the banister to tumble over the railing into the air.  She screamed as she flew downward to the floor, that long ways below.  Crashing into the ground and through the desk.   

The clerk was big and burly and had just stepped away from there as she touched down.  He looked at me. Not believing anything his eyes had seen this night. Thinking she was an illusion, and thought she  had better be one, if not there was going to be hell raised by his boss, and he and she would be answering for it to have occurred here.

  Before she tumbled from this height there had been a loud thunderous party going on in the tavern. He had the police come in and pick up the member s who did not reside here. Thinking, that was the end of his head ache until now.

Now, he had to contend with me, a red head falling almost on top of him. He wiped his glasses and looked at me, again. As though trying to reassure him, that this was an illusion. However he did see me again.

He asked, “What is going on?"

Asha looked up at him, said, “There’s a fire in her room."

Incredulously he dared to  inquire, “What do you mean?"

"As she said, there is a fire in her room. “I gave him this re tort did he not realize what she had said to him, there was smoke billowing from her room upstage s, her breath may have stunk of booze as did his too.

"Did y0u not hear me, when you got your room; you are not to smoke in it!  If you wish to smoke do it outside. Not, in your room!"

    "It was not me," She suggested to him, She did not want plow him in the mouth, but She was tempted to Do this to him. She looked him over and decided against it. He might be their bouncer in the hotel as well as the desk clerk.

"Who was it then?

"The other pee son, who joined me, in her room." She declared as she looked up to see her looking down at me. Folding her arms beneath her fire covered body’s breasts to make them seem or ample than they presently were.

"I told you, no guests.  This is a family establishment.  No Coue sing, Remember?" He suggested to me, his eyes looked at where mine were directed too, He quickly looked away as if she could steal your soul with one glance, he trembled in fear.

"I do, but she does not listen to you and your rules.  She has a mind of her own.  If you want to tell her that, please do so?" She suggested to him

"I will have to see, what we ca

The End

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