The hotel room.Mature

The hotel desk clerk looked at me  as I entered the hotel still holding the blanket to cover my naked frame, with an air of what have you done now,

I looked at him and continued up to my room with it there, I felt the coolness of the air touch me and chill my burned body. The heat that I was feeling could not be dismissed. There was not a portion of my body that did not feel the chill.

Getting into my room, I discarded the blanket upon entering the bath room, having turned on the water with which to bathe in. I slipped gingerly beneath its waves. To have the water encompass me. The scabs from the burns began to run from my body as though they were but air.

I felt the chill of the water as it covered me, from head to toe. Looking about the room realized I had left my garments in the bedroom outside of the bath room.  I cursed my stupdty in what I had done. The matter that was now before me was something I did not  see a coming, 

I drew myself up from the water to go back  to the bed room to retreive my clothes. I was still covered in burn marks. I stepped into my bedroom to startle the chambermaid and me her.  She jumped into the air in fright stepped back from the bed to look at the floor of the room, asthough I was cobra's whose head is wide and exposed to attack with its venomous bite.  forgot to take a towel with me, to cover up, because I felt that there should be no one in my room but me.Looked away quickly from my naked from, her face had an appearance of both great concern and disgust. Upon seeing me like this.  THinking to herself, 'how dare she do this? Is she not god fearing?"

The End

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