Dropping the blanketMature

   She left the house in search of an answer to this problem that was before me.  There had to be an answer to this?  But what could the answer be, that was before me.

    The being, she took a couple of shots of it.  The being was like a candle’s light in brilliancy.  Inside the room where she encountered the being was a pool of liquid or molten glass, through which both She and it had gone through to get there. She had forgotten how hot it was in the room. 

   She had to grab a blanket to go back to my car. She trembled and shuddered from the cold, nerve centers were destroyed. The turned the key, the engine started, She drove as fast as She could away from his house.


   She headed towards the land titles branch, to find out who owns the house. It is in the town hall.  She walked inside, it was deserted a side form the staff who were working there. They looked at me, as she had grown wings and were a pixie.  Seeing as that she did not decide to change into my clothes instead she entered wearing the sheet she had grabbed to keep me from being naked.  The sheet was dragging on the ground behind me like a train in a wedding gown.

    She asked, “Who owns house number on sunset?”

    “Why do you ask?” one of the clerks asked me, he looked me up and down and did not what to make of me.

     “I am a reporter, and she would like to know who owns the house that is there?” She suggested still clutching the blanket that covered me

      “Why are you asking, about that house?”

     “Because she want to know is why? Does that not answer your question?” She declared.

     “I am wondering as to what you are going to get your nose out of joint for.”

      “Well, she was down there.  She saw a man and a boy!” She stated, trying to get the just of what she was talking about

      “A boy, you say?”

     “I did say!” She suggested as She looked into his puzzled eyes, as he looked at me.

     “What did this boy look like?”

      “Blonde hair, freckles, a cleft chin, two mismatched eyes!”

      “That cannot be possible!”

            The clerk whom She was talking to turned around and left me standing there with my jaw hanging open, as if she was about to take a huge bite  out of a pear or apple. He looked scared, as he stepped away from me, as if she  had the black plague or something.

      Screamed, “Get out of my shop!” at the top of his lungs.

      “The fifth amendment says, “We have the right to know! Are you denying this fact, that the citizens have a right to know? “She exclaimed.

       “Get out of here, before she calls the cops!”

       “Please, do so? She would like to see the cops try and stop me from getting what she want and why?”

        “That will be a matter, before the police and you.  They will show you the door, I promise you!”

        “Be that as it may!  She will get my story from you with your help or not!” She warned.

      “Do not say, she did not warn you, to talk of this matter!”


   Shortly thereafter a squad car stopped at the door to the place, two office s walked towards the door, with their guns drawn. The first one stepped inside, pointed his fire arm at me, He said as clear as a bell, “Stop right there.  Turn around and step out with me, She will be placing you under arrest, if you are to stairs here!”

      “What?” She screamed alarmed at what he was saying to me. She  had the Fifth Amendment to have up held.  If she had to She would see a judge to get the answer s She sought. Then she heard the click of the hammer being engaged in his hand gun.

          “I am a reporter! She declared.

“Sure, you are?” the clerk suggested to me.

           “That is a matter that you will have to take up with a judge, who is not here and so, the clerk is asking you to leave the room.  As you have come here, without what you were seeking to find.” The officer advised as he put his hands on my shoulder s to pull my hands behind my back. The blanket fell away from my front to show my bosom and my nether regions.

        “I said, okay already!”

         We walked out of the building together. She got in my car, as did the cop who brought me out of the building to get into his car.  She was in a huff.  Driving back to my hotel room, to freshen up. 

The End

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