That she scared it offMature

      She looked at his shirt, there was a burn mark on his chest and it was on his flesh not the shirt. It was as if something had been seared into his chest, it had the shape of a hand on it.   

       He was screaming, blood ran from the corner of his mouth.  He looked as if he had been death just having been warmed over.  His eyes were separate color s, blond hair, he had a cleft chin.  Pert nose freckles. He was thin and wiry.

      That made her more frightened, she followed shere his eyes looked at the being as did hers and shrieked as if his soul was in most assuredly jeopardy from the silver being, saw other colors in his flesh becoming visible there.

    The silver being walked towards the boy smoke oozed and flowed off of it, like it was a candle however there was no residue left behind from the being as it walked towards him.  Smoke rose from where its feet   rested on the floor from where they had been. 

She could smell the scent of chard wood,watched as smoke oozed from where its feet rested on the wood. Saw some light rise from where it stood.

      His son was still screaming it tore through her soul; it was like a dagger to her chest to leave him as he was.  If she had seen the lad, who was screaming so much. Was he safe?

    “Go?”Jacob said as he opened the door to the room, to see her there. Pointing the rifle at her.

    She looked at him as if he had lost his mind; there was no way she was leaving his place, not with a story like this on his door step. There must he and explanation for this having occurred here.

 She wanted to know what he was doing, the answer she knew, and he was not willing to talk.  There was a similar mark on his chest too.  Not as livid as the one on the boy, but it was there.

      His son was in the other room in his shack of a house, he was screaming something. It sounded as though he was asking for something, just what she did not know. She bolted for the door; Jacob got up and stopped her from going inside the room.

 It was as if his very life depended upon me not getting there.  She was bound and determined to do this, as he was equally determined to stop me.

     He looked at me, brought the muzzle of his still smoking rifle to my chest.  She felt the heat from the muzzle before it touched me.  She stopped right in her tracks; he smiled and told,”Did you not hear me.  Go!”






#############################     There were blades of grass broken before the window through which he had shot. She looked around all She saw was she wanted to see what had frightened his son so. 

   She parted the curtain to see the lad, his eyes were as large as silver dollar s, and hid mouth hung open, saliva dripped and ran from the cornea s of his mouth.  She saw silver being roughly the shape of a human heading towards the bed where he lay. It looked as if it had no concerned in the world other than arriving on the male. Its inside of its hands were covered in what she thought was long hay s that made its fur.

         She chooses to intercept the silver glowing human. She leapt upon its back, shattering what remained of window's glass as t showered me in razor sharp pieces that rained about me. She barely did this, as it spun about to catch me, its talented claws hit me in the upper shoulder.    

   The finger s sank to the bone, leaving her withering in pain as it raced across her frame.  She felt the heat as if tore through hee.   It felt as though her flesh had turned to a liquid.  She saw smoke oozing off of her body. 

 A puddle of fluid arrived on the floor, She peed her panties. She looked at its hand and saw flesh drip from its hands like they were a candle being lit, droplets of flesh spilled and erupted into the air. Creating a pool of red fluid on the floor, bones spilled from my hands to arrive on the floor making a sound similar to dice from the hands of someone playing craps to the table. 

      A Flame erupted and spewed from its touch. It felt as if she had just been touched by a branding iron or a lite candle's wick.  She saw smoke as it poured and billowed up from her shoulder and fire sped down her jacket's sleeve and the back of the jacket. Blood ran, sizzled and fell from the wound. 

The fire abated. My shirt and jacket's sleeve was no more; the back to my lower toe so was also gone for good measure. Searing heat encompassed me.

    She had forgotten how hot it was in the room. My nylons were reduced to liquid as it ran down my legs, and my clothing had dissolved into nothingness. She realized that she was feeling cold; the temperature was like an icy chill to my flesh. She looked down and saw that there was no clothing on me.

    The lad erupted out of the bed tore away me and it. Without any thinking for his or of his safety, only she supposes was his safety that she had done this for. He charged away from it. His mouth was open like a lion roaring to voice its disapproval of what it was doing. His hands were clutched into fists, his muscles stood ridged and stark. He flew.

      The being looked at him as he charged away from it. It looked at him and turned and tore off out through the window it used to get here. The boy was screaming something, what she cannot say.  She was satisfied that she scared it off.

The End

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