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She drove to the house,  which looked like a plantation house, not one of the other houses in the district. Whatever this house was, it was or had been an expensive owned ship of the land.  The house looked to have been well regarded by the towns people, at least when he built it.  Huge columns supported the verenda, ivy climbed up them, there was a brick wall that  surrounded the house, It had crumbled into small stones and morter. The gate was no more.  It had huge windows through which the lantern that burned with which to see, in place of a light  in the main room. It filtered through the cobweb like curtains.

 There had to be an answer to this, but what?  Why had the house having gone down in a steep decline to what it now was.  A broken down house, there were no servants there in that house, other than the man she was supposed to have seen here,. The house was a shack with paint peeling from it, weathered beyond what could be considered reasonably aged. The windows were broken; tar paper was blowing in the breeze.

The house looked like it was abannoned, however she saw a light flicker in the living room, if that  was what that room was there. There hung a ragged curtain that was moth eaten, holes covered it like a sieve. The light tore through the curtain.

I heard the boy’s voice as it rose and fell in terror, having driven my car a little further from the address. I got out of my car, seeing the grass waving there like sentinels. It looked so, long as to think of it as bulrushes instead of grass.

Spying his house, I got outside my car watched a pebble fly as I advanced towards his house. Along with the roar of a carbine. Told me to back off.

I had arranged to see him, there was a meeting that was going to happen. It was my meeting, she thought, as she approached the gate.

I felt walking towards the house, from the only fear as where the grass was not looked like a path heavily trampled was to the front door... I decided I have to see that boy.

“Whoever you are? Go away!” an elderly male voice screamed out to warn me.

“I have had an appointment with you? Jacob?” she declared.

“I said, Go!” the speaker exclaimed, In the shadows from the light which to see I saw an image of a man loading a rifle.

“No!” she yelled back, thinking,’I will have the story! I will not go away empty handed.’

 “Another step closer and I will be forced to shoot you! Instead!”

I wondered what kind of moonshine he was drinking so early in the day? He wanted to shoot me, I had no gun. Only a camera. “What do you mean.?”

Another shot rang out plucked the button off of my jacket’s sleeve would not be deterred...


 “Or I will be forced to shoot!” he warned.

She stepped forward.


The sound of a shot being made to draw a button of off her sleeve.  A bullet tore through the broken window, to dance before her open toed shoe. It tossed up a stone to bounce across her toes tearing off some nail polish on her foot.

“Okay, I will go?” she replied, there was fence waist high, surrounding the house, she decided to walk about the house to head for the back of the house.

The darkness was beginning to fall. She saw something that was very bright it was larger than a lit match, much larger than that by far.  It was headed towards the house as was she? 

She decided she wanted to get there, in there.  That was where she wanted to be. The grass was long, the fence was made of bricks, that she had to scale.  Looking both ways in search of anyone who might see her doing this?

She wiped her brow as she decided that she would be willing to do that.  Right now, she wondered as to what she was going to find there.

The bricks were crumbling with decay. She pressed down on them, Her hands felt wet covered in dirt.  Decided to vault over the barrier, Doing so, she dragged her breasts across the rough surface. The earth dug away her bosom.

Tumbled from where she now lay pressed onto the bricks to crash into the think mantle of tall blades of  grass. She looked at the mess, she had made of her clothing.  Lifting the briefcase and uslinging the camera from where it rested there.

   Could not see any way to be there, other than to tear through the thigh high if not longer grass that rose up and concealed most of the yard. She knew she had to get back there to see what was wrong.  She will do this as She will have to see what was frightened the boy so much. She had fought and struggled through it, the blades tore at my clothes, but she made it there.   Ruining my nylons, and skirt which was covered in grass stains. 

The End

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