The house, where she wished to see him inMature

     Inside she saw a tape recorder, a file that looked to have been a portfolio. Press card, Roberta Robinson telephone number Vermont.  There were several tapes in there also. They had been marked as interviews.  The names she did not recognize. Nor did she recognize her name, but the publication she did know, they usually were interested in similar things to what she was interested in, but John was not. Maybe she had his number, now.


     Her blood froze in her veins, she remembered, “That She was unable to find anyone willing to talk to me about what she was looking for.  That could explain that. She had to listen to the tapes, to see what she could use to verify the story.


    This woman was bitch on two legs.  She would do anything for a story.

She did not know what she could do to salvage her story.


    She knew she would have had some capital to work with. Where was her car? She did not know, but she would surely find the car, that was a definite. The pee son that had been used for getting the information, she did not know. After listening to the tapes, they were empty of any data pertaining to what she and she were interested in.


     It seemed as though no one was willing total about what she had seen in the woods. Somehow or other, the information that she had on it defied, that she did not know about this matter.


    Something slayed Roberta. That something was her story now it was going to be mine. Whatever it was she was going to have do to get the story, she would. She could use her camera to present what she had shot.


     However she could not afford to allow the editor to know who had done this report on this region, she did not want to share my name with her, even though she was dead.


       She did not like the looks of the film that she made. It did indeed show the sacrifice of a woman before the monster, the humanoid looking beings, who had slayed her, did this for the monster.




      She walked towards her car; she felt she should take a look around to see if she could find her car unless it was the one that drove into swamp. Drove all over tarnation did not find her car.

     She had my suspicions, but that was all she had. She knew she had a great deal of tenacity. She would do anything for a story.  She saw a journal in the briefcase that she could make neither head nor tales about it. The journey had something to do with mid summer's eve. That was last night.


    She was afraid that something would go missing? So, she shot a photo of each page to be certain she would have it, all. That was when she returned, to where she had found the boot print, and her camera. She knew the boot had to have been here’s as well. Had to be careful.


     Looked at the grass that looked as though it had been trampled by her gait, the branches had been snapped like tiny twigs beneath an elephant's foot and she had come into here, from where she did not know. She looked around in a feverish attempt to figure this out, but was unable to. What was the explanation for?

This to have happened to her, but what was the answer to this?


     She did not see the stone, upon which they were sacrificing the woman on. There had to be answer to where she had been slain, the stone looked to have a green quality to it, its shape was something also unusual about it, too.


    She did not know what these humanoid beings were.  She was puzzled by them, and their appearance here.  She was afraid of what she was seeing here.  She was told to stairs out of the distant hills where even they were afraid of going there. That is the people from this region, are afraid, why she could not fathom.







Why would Roberta have his name in her book as someone to see? She pondered as she lit a cigarette walked towards her car. Smiled at the sun wondered as to what she would find there.  At that address.  She was a mite worried; however that was a mite,

The address was one that the Sandra had written in her address book as reference to the documents that were there. The tapes were enough to perk my interest in the story. Having found the house, if you would call it that,

When she mentioned his name, the people seemed frightened to have just heard he say it.  They looked at her as if her Brian was addled by something.   There was just something not right about seeing him there. Seeing him anywhere for that matter, why? It seemed most people steered clear of his place,

My nerves were ignited in terror, when had mentioned that house the people here looked as if my mind was addled. They made the sign of the cross spat on my expensive shoes. I wanted to have made a good impression with them, yet when I mentioned his name they looked at me as though I had sworn the lord’s holy name. It was almost as if they expected me to become a deamon on sight. Form what I could gather he was loco.

   cShe  looked at it. Storm clouds rolled ominiously over head. It had grown dark, yet it was only 2 in the afternoon. The wind blew up into a gale storm front. I cursed. Drew up the collar of the jacket. I wished I had chose to wear slacks, but they were at hotel. I cursed as this storm rolled in on me. Lightning lashed the community as if it was to be flogged a thousand times..


She drove to the house,  which looked like a plantation house, not one of the other houses in the district. Whatever this house was, it was or had been an expensive owned ship of the land.  The house looked to have been well regarded by the towns people, at least when he built it.  Huge columns supported the verenda, ivy climbed up them, there was a brick wall that  surrounded the house, It had crumbled into small stones and morter. The gate was no more.  It had huge windows through which the lantern that burned with which to see, in place of a light  in the main room. It filtered through the cobweb like curtains.

The End

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