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She  looked at the camer aand her cigarette pack open  having removed and smoked four last night, when she was taking the picture of it,  that lay on the chair with her stockings folded over the chair’s back rest.  The camera she knew she had used to create the story, she was going to show to Paul.  To prove my story.  Weary approached the camera, smiled as she picked it up to see that she had not taken a single  picture last night. The slide had not been engaged in the pictures she thought she took last night. She realized she did not do that. Damn. She cursed her stupidity. Realizing she forgot about the lens cap, and flash, even that would not have helped last night.


The sun was rising, its silver beams cut through the brush. She headed into the woods. Fear held her in its frothing maw. The sun light did not dispel the fear she was feeling. It lurked there in the pit of  her stomach, mind and heart.


Walking into the woods, having to climb over the barrier. The ground was hard packed. She did not sink into the earth, of this she was fortunate.  Walking through the brush, as the branches and leaves tore away at my skin and clothing.  I cursed. The clothing was expensive. She thought,” I dreamt it, there could not possible anything like that here.”


Deep within the woods where she estimated where the sound came from. She felt ridiculous going in here like this, she was wearing skirt and a blouse, heels. Then as she neared where she thought she had seen this in. Walked toward the area, that she recognized. It was in the woods, it was right here. Looking about she remembered seeing that tree, and the bushes there. Since she had not been here before, none of this should have been familiar to her, but this was. Familiar.

That she had seen it last night, she might have dreamt it. If she did why did she recognize this area?  Why you stupid fool, because you saw it last night. She thought to herself, but where was the woman she had seen there. Unless she had seen; what she had seen if she had not dreamt that last night. But it was actually was here, perhaps it happened.


Was an area of broken branches that were snapped like twigs, trees over turned plucked from the ground as if they were flowers being removed from the soil by a child? Soil clung to the roots, this is the Maritimes so, and the soil should have been washed away from them unless it happened last night. Grass was trampled.


There were bones white as ivory laying in crumpled mass, with nothing upon them like they had been scoured for hours to be this clean. A wedding band lay there on a flange that she took to be the middle finger. About ten feet from them she  saw a skull, The top of the skull was all that remained of this person. 

 In this clearing she saw on the white sand like soil what appeared to have been a skull. If that could have been a skull. It was without a skull cap where were grey worms spilling out of it. They clung to each other. There was a rancid smell. No flesh or even hair on it. There ran a fluid from it, the fluid was still there. She reached down totouch the skull, with a pencil, the liquid ran onto the pencil’s eraser.  It dissolved, upon touching the fluid.There was no explanation to this… Unless it was from a new body.


Did not see any other portions of a body, other than the color of dried blood that had fallen as if it was, but rain. Wherever it had come from defied common sense.                                


She saw in the night a woman fleeing through the woods, she was dressed in a leather full length jacket, and a skirt that she could see as she tore through it trying to elude something, that she could not see, but did see the results of whatever it was pursuing her. She would check over her shoulder frantically, she flew, crashing through the brush, she fell repeatedly.  She watched something splash upon the plants, a smoke would rise from there.  Seeing another series of flames advancing towards her being held by men and women above the floor of the woods.


Saw, what that was human sized had run through grass, the branches and portions of trees had been snapped like twigs heading deeper into the woods...


She was amazed by what she had seen here. She followed this breakage there were pieces of flesh and fabric hung like linens from a clothes line. She had witnessed her pulling off of her clothing to stop her from being impeded by it as she flew. She could see, a path torn through trampled foliage, she followed to the water's edge. 


She saw her emerge from the water, and had seen a car tear into the water, It hit the water and surged forward to become immersed in the water beyond its trunk in the water. The woman had a paige boy cut of hair, she looked familiar, at the moment looked afraid, she looked at where she had come from to see figures running towards her,

The End

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