We live in world where darkness has swallowed us whole. The people we thought were to help have done nothing, but spread their spores of malcontentment upon our food and drink;

The Opening salvo has been fired.

  I thought, we are humans are supposed to have free will and authority.  If something is wrong you bring it up. The battle feild is laying before us. We see the carnage of their making. Hope is what they offer,.

   This is then denied. I was taught to ask questions, if something is wrong It must be brought before the light. What we are experiencing is the malignancy of a cancer that had grown to far and to large to cut out.

   Do you remember  what is supposed to be done with mold?

   Unless it is designed for  a purpose, be it for humanitarine uses or for the military uses. It is to be destroyed.  

   An agency that is founded by the people it is supposed to aid. Has just such a cancer. The people have IA (internal Affairs) this so called support apparatus has people who are supposed to act on the behalf of the people (the consumers as they are recognized) are supposed to act on their behalf.

Tha salvo was a direct hit on the people, one couple in particular were being toyed with by the agency. Telling one member one thing and another member another. Then continuing to do this  for quite some time. 

  Until one member of the party happened to hear said personal directing the other member to do as they bid. To try and dissolve the union.. They denied it, when we brought it to their support appuratus's attention, they choose to have them attend the meeting to retractiufy the problem.

They denied  it, so the support apparatus backed the people doing this. One member to the party choose to take it off the grid to see what could be done about this.

I brought down my binoculars to look at the area where it went down. Nothing should have remained.

The target was achieved. They were rejoicing, the enemy that is.

We grit our teeth, bagan to come over the hill to see what we coudl do about this problem. Defenses have been torn open like a gut wound, blood spewing from the damaged places.  Our compodeirs walked away

I patted the assault rifle walked into the area, smoke was rising from the buildings. Despairation filled my heart and soul. 

The End

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