The Ghost's Sister


After the confrontation with the spirit boy, I rushed into the kitchen, barely keeping my breathing under control. I quickly snatched up my steaming mug of tea before picking my way through the shards of glass to get to my room.

Once I managed to throw my door open, I dragged myself into my bedroom; tea clutched in my cold fingers.

I looked up at my ceiling, wondering if the boy would be up in his attic, feeling content with himself for ruining our landing lights. I sipped at my tea thoughtfully, falling back onto my desk chair as I swilled the milky beverage around in my mouth.

“Idiot ghost.” I grunted, before getting up and moving towards my wardrobe so I could retrieve my pyjamas and get ready for bed.


Jenny was waiting for me at the front of the school gates, smiling widely as I approached her. She waved and moved forward so she could meet me halfway.

“Morning!” She said jovially.

“Hey,” I returned her smile as we made our way through the gates, and into the school grounds. “Is that Scott?” I asked, nodding towards a guy who was striding ahead of us, covering a lot of ground with his long legs.

“Yeah, I think it is… HEY SCOTT!” Jenny yelled, cupping her hands around her mouth. I winced at the shrill pitch of her voice but watched along with her as Scott yanked one of his earbuds from his ear, turning to face us.

I noticed, as he approached us, that his eyes no longer shimmered between hazel and green, but they appeared a dark bluish-grey in the morning light. I tried not to make it obvious that I was gawking at them, but failed and he caught me.

“Is there something on my face?” He asked, rubbing his palm over his cheeks in confusion.

“No, there’s not.” I replied, shrugging. Jenny lifted her shoulders, too, before leading the pair of us to the sixth form block. Scott shot me an odd look and I met his gaze, looking as innocent as I could.

When we finally reached the sixth form block, I recognised the group of girls from the day before loitering outside the doorway. They looked up as we approached and I saw the girl who I had snapped at, she met my gaze evenly, her lips twisted up into a smirk.

We passed them easily, stepping through the doorway with less difficulty than I had predicted.

That was, until I heard someone over up the word, “murderer,” with a cough. I looked sideways at Jenny to see her round face flush beet red. Scott bit his lip, looking furious and I thought he was going to turn around. He didn’t.

I made to swivel around on my feel and give them a piece of my mind, but Jenny was there in a flash, placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t.” She said quietly, pulling my along with her. “They’ll only start picking on you too.”

“Jenny!” I hissed, but I gave in and walked with her. “They’re bang out of order! It’s just sick!”

Jenny gave a small, sad smile and looked up at Scott. “I’m used to it.”

I shook my head, feeling anger deep in the pit of my stomach but I didn’t talk about it anymore.

Scott caught my eye as we entered our common room and shook his head once, shortly and I frowned at him to convey how I felt about the whole thing. I just couldn’t grasp how cruel someone would have to be to tease a girl over her dead brother. It was just twisted and wrong on so many levels.

We took our seats at the table Jenny and I had sat at the day before, Scott took his place opposite Jenny and I. They both pulled out their phone and began, I assumed, playing on games.

I tried to hide my horror as I caught sight of Jenny’s phone’s wallpaper, but I was caught out. She smiled at me and gestured at the screen, “that’s my brother and me. It was taken a month before he… uh, died.”

“Oh, right.” I choked out, “he looks really nice.”

“Doesn’t he?” Jenny beamed, “he was the kindest person ever.”

“I bet he was.” I returned her smile with a tight one of my own. My breath was caught in my throat and my stomach flipped with an unnamed panic.

The spirit boy is Jenny’s brother!


The day passed by smoothly, and I could tell that Scott, Jenny and I would become great friends. We all had the same sense of humour and surprisingly similar hobbies and favourite films. I was too afraid to ask for their numbers, so I just waved good bye and hopped onto the school bus, feeling silly.

The countryside crept by my window as the bus made the slow decent to the top of the hill on which my house was perched innocently.

I thanked the driver as I stepped out of the bus and onto the pavement, yanking my bag’s strap higher up onto my shoulder. I gulped nervously as I made my way towards the house.

My parents weren’t home until late and I wasn’t entirely sure I felt comfortable being in the same house as a teenage poltergeist for several hours on my own. But, it wasn’t like I had any other choice but to unlock the door and meet my terrible fate.

I swung the door open and sucked in a breath of fearful air, preparing myself to be greeted with the ghostly face of Jenny’s Kaufman’s brother.

But I wasn’t.

Instead, I was greeted by a waft of warm air which made me shiver appreciatively. I peered through the doorway, my nerves weren’t settling. Cautiously, I went inside and dumped my bag next to the coat pegs.

The house was silent; although I wasn’t convinced I was alone. So I listened carefully for a few more moments before I felt content with my person safety.

I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, and let myself smile. I’m an idiot. It’s probably just a drifter. No way would my house be haunted! Ha!

I sauntered into the kitchen, feeling quite happy with myself as I flipped the switch on our electric kettle. Leaning against the counter, I examined my nails, frowning in annoyance at the chips in my nail polish.

“Boo.” A soft voice said beside my ear.

I screeched in response, my arms swinging around to try at hit whatever was behind me but my failing arms made contact with nothing, and I stopped at once.

“Oh my God!” I snarled, “what do you want!”

The spirit boy was lounging laboriously across the surface of the kitchen counter, looking awfully pleased with himself. His dishevelled blonde hair was flopping over one of his eyes and he shot me a lazy grin.

“To talk. I’m bored.” He said simply.

“Go away.” I said, dashing out of the kitchen, launching myself up the stairs and into my bedroom. I panted and leaned my back against the door as I had done the night before.

“I’m a ghost, idiot. Did you seriously just try to lock me out of your room?” 

The End

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