Manning (or Goroning) the catapaults

On the upper slopes of the southern face of the mountain, several teams of Goron were working, slowly but purposefully.Bits of wood, metal gears and thick rope lay scattered in seemingly random piles, whilst individuals wandered between them, sometimes picking up a item and carrying it back to their group.

When Link finally arrived, breathing heavily from the long climb, one of the groups had finished their construction, and were standing back to admire their work. It was a catapult, of sorts. The firing mechanism was such that it could only be activated by someone sitting inside the 'bowl', and the bowl was designed to perfectly hold a rolled-up Goron. The whole thing was built to throw the Goron across a low arc into the valley below, and was pointed directly over the edge.

Link joined the group, who were now discussing, so far as he could make out, which direction to point it, so that the Goron would land in the most strategically desirable location when the time came for firing. One of the less interested ones lumbered up to him, speaking in broken, but decipherable, Hylian.

"We done that now." he said, indicating the machine behind him, then waving his had at the other groups, "Those one be ready soon. You like it?"
Choosing his words carefully, Link replied in Goron, to the creature's evident delight.
"Yes I like, they are looking as I had hoped."
The Goron smiled widely,
"Ha! This mushie is a good brutha, I like him. You want to see how these will work?"
Link nodded, and followed him a little way up the slope to an outcrop overlooking the work site.
"These ones will fire over left side of the valley. See those cliffs there? We hit them, and roll down on the soldiers. The ones above us fire right over the enemy, then we'll have them surrounded." He pointed across to the right, where Link could just make out another work site,
"Those will do the same, to the other side, and then Darmas will lead the front, we have them trapped here, they'll not make it out."
Link nodded absentmindedly, he knew that the Princess was probably expecting something like this, and would have some way of negating any advantage that the tactics might give them, but he wasn't sure what it would be. A Goron charge was hard to halt, in the same way that a boulder rolling down a hill is hard to stop. The only solution that Link could think of was magic.
But it would take a lot. And the Princess didn't have that many magicians. At least, not to his knowledge.

The End

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