The Siege Part One: Enter the Princess

The next morning was overcast and humid. Moisture lay thick on every surface, and Link constantly had to wipe the beads of water from the end of the viewing glass that the Gorons had taken from the Hylian spy. He was watching the troop movements, or at least those visible through the low cloud, from a small outcrop on the lower slopes of the citadel. Since the early morning the massed ranks of men in the eastern plains had been marching, forming and re-forming, and although they did not yet look prepared to launch a full-scale assault, Link was taking no chances.

The wet grass that he was lying on had long since soaked through his jerkin, and he could start to feel the light mail underneath seize up. But he couldn't stop watching: the troop movements made no sense. Having fought at the head of the Princess' armies before, he was fairly knowledgeable about how to perform a siege, but the movements on the plain below showed all the signs of being a show of force. But with the low cloud and the Goron tendency to completely ignore human actions that don't seem relevant to them, it was a show with no audience. At least, no audience from the mountain.

Suddenly, he noticed a flurry of concentrated activity moving along the front lines of the troops. A small knot of men, clustered around two central figures was progressing slowly down the lines, stopping occasionally. The first of the central figures was a tall, dark haired man, as far as the primitive telescope could distinguish. The other was a woman, roughly six feet tall, with cropped auburn hair and sharp features framing brilliantly blue eyes. She was wearing a practically cut, but intricately designed white dress with a purple jacket bearing the tri-force symbol of Hyrule. Link couldn’t see this through the telescope, but he knew the figure well enough that he didn’t need to.

The Princess was seeing this siege through personally.

The End

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