Epona had slowed to a trot again, head bowed against the sheets of driving rain. Link, wrapped in a thick cloak taken from the saddle bags, clung to her back with one arm, covering his face with the other. The wind had picked up again, blowing the torrents of rain straight into his eyes. Glancing ahead through the downpour, he could barely see the narrow path ahead of them. They were now riding through a deep gorge, with walls of rock climbing steeply on either side.

Link pulled the cloak tighter around himself, but the rain and wind seemed to cut right trough the fabric, chilling him to the bone. Another lightening bolt lit the dark sky, briefly silhouetting the ledges above them and revealing several dark shapes lurking at the cliff tops. Link looked up, but too late, the electric glow had subsided and the heavy rain once more obscured the top of the canyon. The rumble of the thunder and the howl of the wind overwhelmed all sound.

Suddenly, there was a flash of orange light from the mountainside above, and a loud explosion shook the valley. Rocks began to rain down around them. Link kicked his heel into Epona's side, but before she could react, a huge boulder slammed into the valley floor just a few feet ahead of them. Link turned in his saddle just in time to see a similar sized boulder slam into the road behind them. From the saddlebag came a faint scream as a fist-sized rock slammed into the side. Link opened the bag in a panic, jerking out Navi's jar as fast as possible. The side of the jar was shattered, but the padding had prevented the shards of glass from penetrating into the interior. Navi was sprawled across the bottom, startled, but alive. Link, picking out the remainder of the glass from the side of the jar, helped her out of the hole.

'You ok?' he asked, Navi nodded, 'Wh-what happened?' she stammered, she fluttered her wings briefly, inspecting them for damage, then flew up to Link's shoulder. He looked up the steep cliffs on either side, the landslide that had followed the explosion had died down, and suddenly the night seemed eerily quiet. 'I think it may be an ambush.' He whispered out of the side of his mouth, 'But I can't think who would-' His muttering was cut off by the sudden arrival of three rocks behind them, which, upon landing, uncurled themselves, rearing up on short, thick legs and stretching their thick, muscled arms. Their arms, backs and heads were covered in thick rocky growths. Straightening up, they were the same height standing as their mounted victim. Link turned Epona slowly round, one hand reaching into his pocket for the last remaining bomb, he felt the fuse with his fingers, it was soaked, beyond even magical lighting. He considered for a moment reaching for his sword, then thought better. Trying to smile despite his rising dread he looked over at the nearest of the three gorons. 'Good evening, brutha. How is the night for you?'

The End

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