Horses and Fairies

Stepping out of the wreaked inn into the rain storm outside, Link pulled his battered cap further forward, and staggered against the wind towards the stables at the side of the building. Upon entering, he was greeted by a loud whinny from the only occupied stall (the armoured stranger had neglected to stable his horse) a large brown mare, with a white mane, was waiting, slightly agitated by the noise and the weather. He walked up to her and stroked her muzzle, murmuring quietly to soothe her.

From the back of the stall, a small blue light suddenly glowed brightly, and a winged ball with a faint figure in the centre fluttered up from the hay trough where it had been resting.

'What happened?' asked Navi, her voice slightly concerned, but sounding excited at the same time.

'Another of the Princess' goons caught up with us.' replied Link, taking Epona's saddle and holster from a rack in front of the stall and kicking the door open. 'We'll be moving on before more show up, I'm running out of bombs.'

'Huh, that witch still after us then?' Navi sounded unimpressed, 'We can probably get more stuff from around here, why don't we just let them come get themselves killed?'

'Too much collateral damage, and if we stay in any place too long then she can send an entire army at us.' Link replied, strapping the worn, but sturdy, saddle onto Epona's back and fitting the bit and reigns over her head. 'And I really don't feel like I could take on more than three of those guys at once, they're getting better, you know.'

'Better shmetter,' muttered Navi, 'we could take 'em.' She sulked for a few seconds, then looked up again, 'Where we going to head this time?'

'I was thinking maybe back up north, we haven’t been that far into the mountains for a while, and I think that we'll manage to lose her scouts up there.' He looked at Navi for a second, before leading Epona out of her stall and mounting up. 'How you planning to travel? Jar or pocket?'

Navi looked thoughtful for a moment, 'Did you clean out the nice jar after last time?' She asked. Link nodded, and took out of the saddle bag a small jar with padding around the bottom half and a tiny cushion at the bottom. Navi brightened up slightly, and flew up to Link as he uncorked the bottle and held it out to her. She flew inside and settled down at the bottom, her light dimming a little as she relaxed on the comfortable interior. Link replaced the cork, which had several holes pierced in it for air passage, and put the jar back into the saddle bag. He turned his horse around to face the door, inducing muffled swearing from Navi as the jar was jiggled about.

Riding out of the stable, Link looked around at the town which had been their 'home' for the last half year. 'Gonna miss this place.' He muttered to himself, then turned Epona towards the gate, and nudged her into a trot.

The gates into the mountain pass beyond the town were closed, as it was well past sunset and it was unsafe to leave them open at night. Link knew well that he wouldn't be able to persuade the gatekeeper to open the gate for him, but he also knew that there was a section of the wall that was just low enough to jump, if he could gather the speed. Pushing Epona into a canter, he sought out the section through the dark and the rain, finally, he spotted it and, aiming them directly at the small dip in the perimeter barricade, he crouched down on the horse's back as she accelerated to a full gallop, hooves pounding the sodden earth.

The watchman on guard looked round, hearing the thundering approach even above the hammering rain, and let out a short scream as Epona materialised out of the downpour and leaped gracefully over both him and the wall, clattering to a brief halt on the other side, before turning again, and rearing just as a thunder bolt cracked behind her, illuminating the entire scene in a brilliant flash of light. Before the guard's eyes had cleared, the horse and rider were gone, the hoof-falls fading into the distance as Link sped away northwards.

The End

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