I remember a time...

A short stoy to sum up how I was feeling the other day.

I remember a time... when you spent every minute of everyday trying to get my  attention.  Mt phone was ringing off the hook, with you wanting me.  The times when we sat and talked about everything.  The day you first opened up to me and told me about your past.  You told me what you wanted from the future and subtely hinted that you wanted me to be a part of it.

I remember a time... when we realised that the feelings we had been fighting, no longer needed to be fought.  The night we stayed up talking about how confused we were before everything was revealed.  Our first kiss down by the river.  The one kiss that literally took my breath away.  You sitting under the old oak tree, saying how wrong it was based on the current situation.  Me not caring because it felt so right.

I remember a time... when we wanted our lives to stay this way forever.  We were completely content in each others arms and apart was the last place we wanted to be.  So in love that nothing or no-one else mattered.  When each other eyes were the best sight and each others skin was the best touch.  If it was just me and you for the rest of our lives, it would have been perfect.

But living in the past is not an option and our lives have changed since that time.  You may now just see me as the one to run to when no-one's listening, but I used to be the first one you called.  You may now want to let other people in, but in doing that you are slowly pushing me out.  Whilst we are no longer just friends, it was friendship that first bought us together.  And I don't want either of us to forget.


The End

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