I Remember the Sky Falling

When I was about five, I remember how the sky fell on my head, and I have the scar to prove it. We lived on 30 acres of land, in a rural farming community of Eastern Ontario. We didn't really do any farming, except a garden for our own use. We had a fair sized orchard, with several types of apples, but it wasn't a business as such. I think my parents might have sold them to people by the bushel, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, we had this huge old rickety building on the property that we called the machine shed. It had originally been part of a barn that was blown down by the tail end of a hurricane, in the the early 1950's. The shed was where the tractor, and other farm implements were kept, when our place had been a working farm, years before. We weren't supposed to go anywhere near it, because it wasn't safe. That is to say, it was a kid magnet to us.

The shed had two stories, and the upper part wasn't any more than  several boards nailed to wooden beams. My older brother was about eight, and my younger brother was about four. We had recently acquired a brand new Frigidaire refrigerator, and my parents had taken the old ice box out of the kitchen. It ended up out by the old machine shed. For some strange reason known only to God and eight year old boys, my brother decided he was going to haul the old ice box up into the second story of the machine shed. My two brothers put a rope around it, and started hauling it up through a gap in the floorboards.

I was at the bottom watching them for a few minutes, then I looked up into the bright blue spring sky. I know it was probably Easter weekend, because I had gotten a new straw Sunday school hat for Easter. I was looking at the sky, when it fell on me. Actually, it was the door of the icebox, which had fallen off and hit me in the head. I remember running through the field to the house, screaming, crying, and bleeding. My sister came running and jammed the hat down on my head, I assume to stop the bleeding. That upset me even more, because I thought I would get in trouble for my ruined hat. I don't really remember what happened after that, but I know that I have a crescent shaped scar on the top of my head, just above my hairline.

The End

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