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Tell us about things you remember from your past, that you sort of miss, or don't. If you're still young, it could be that you miss the games and friends of early childhood, or could be something from your past that you remember fondly, or with distaste. If you've had a long life, like I have, a lot of things have changed since your childhood. Tell us about it.

I remember my first TV set

It's kind of strange to look back at my early years, and realize that most of the things that kids take for granted now, didn't even exist when I was their age.

I saw my first TV when I was five, and it was a big piece of furniture, with a small greenish, bulbous oval screen. It looked like a big glass blind eye, when it was turned off. It scared the living daylights out of me for years. I wouldn't go near it unless it was on. I was too scared to turn it on, so if Howdy Doodie, or I love Lucy, or Captain Kangaroo was on, I had to ask my older brother or sister to turn it on. Still, it was exciting, because it was one step up from the radio, which was our only form of entertainment besides movies at the local theatre. We had that TV for ten or eleven years. I don't know what happened to it, but the wood part probably ended up in the maw of our old octupus wood/coal furnace.

It didn't even have evening programming, and all the programs were black and white. Colour TV didn't arrive in our neighbourhood until 1967 or 1968, just before the famous walk on the moon. I watched that in colour at my neighbour's house, because our old one had died, and we had a second hand one that only worked sometimes. We had an antenna on top of the roof, that had to be adjusted manually after  a bad wind blew it off course, and we couldn't get anything but noisy snow on the TV Screen.

My older brother would climb out the window  of the bathroom onto the roof of our big L shaped verandah, and climb to the peak of our  roof to adjust it. That roof was steep, and it was on top of a full two story house, where each story was nine feet high. I remember thinking he was very brave, when he wasn't too busy being a jerk.

I'm surprised how much I remember from back then, when I have trouble remembering what I had for lunch.


The End

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