The Second and The Half

I remember a mate memory.You aren't here at this point. But Persephone was. We were eat Ben and Jerry's. It was buy one get one free and we stocked up. We were chilling and she said to me that we should be together. She told me you cared for me and that deep down I knew I did to. I laughed, but shakily as I thought you knew. The hug, the kiss and the stares. Oh the stares, you knew me and I knew you too. Like rebbeling, betrothed children, we were so careful not to fall in love. But a that common trap, we fell into it like blind mice. I think somehow Sephy knew this and was out to dig deeper like Mystery Inc. but perhaps more succesfully. I thought I should tell her. If you were there you would know. She's my closest friend and it seemed like a good idea. Don't you think?...

The End

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