The Second

I remeber when you said it first. I thought you were kidding until I looked up. We were at McDonalds with JJ, Kaerie, Persephone and Jake. We all had fries and JJ was grounded so she rushed out at 4:30pm worried. Kaerie and Persephone, the twins, were just heading off to New Look. The offered me to go with them. But how could I leave you alone with Jake. I knew how you felt about him. He was rowdy and got into fights. I rejected their offer but as soon as they left Jake decided he was bored and went to pick some kind of fight with a year four. We were so grown up now. Only seven weekes ago we were only year nines and now... Anyway it was just you and me. The last fry was there and I pushed it toward you. You smiled and pushed it back. We had a push episode until I had an impulsive idea and leant in to kiss you. You hesitated and then we clicked and suddenly there we were... Kissing. We told each other we were just curious and forgot all about it. It was nice but secretly we knew we were something else... Deep down...

The End

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