Four (part eight)Mature

When I woke up, it was late at night and Rowan was no longer by my bedside. I blinked the sleep from my eyes, yawning as I sat up. The only source of light in the room came through the windows, the dim light of the moon shining weakly through the century-old glass.

Nurse’s office was empty, from what I could see through the glass pane and I pondered over the safety of being left alone when I could quite possibly bleed to death in my sleep.

Footsteps clicked down the hallway outside of the infirmary and I instinctively lay back down, pulling the blankets back over my body. As they neared the doors, I realised there was more than one set of feet making their way towards me.

“Has she bled again recently?” I recognised the voice. It was The Head’s.

“Yes, once more while she was sleeping earlier in the evening. Her nose this time.” Nurse said, sounding a little sad.

“I see,” said The Head sombrely. I heard the doors swing open, and they walked over to my bed. I squeezed my eyes tight shut, and breathed as deeply as I could; trying to make my fake sleep as convincing as possible. “Will she bleed again?”

“No way of telling. Annis, if you’re right about her, I don’t even know if she’ll survive the full emergence of her telepathy.”

What? I shuddered in terror, and their voices stilled for a moment. Nurse came around and peered into my face. “She’s still asleep, don’t worry.”

“I am right about her,” stated The Head, or Annis, if that was her real name. “She won’t die.”

“How can you be sure… the amount of strain the telekinesis and telepathy will put on her physical and mental wellbeing is going to be tremendous. Even if she does survive, she’ll be in agony. Some kids barely survive with non-mutated GE.”

“She won’t die.” Annis said firmly, obviously not wanting to venture any further into that topic. I didn’t want them to, either.

I paused mentally for a second, hesitating before I made the decision to reach out. I pushed out of my own head, gently probing the world outside for their minds. They were close enough this time for me to reach them. Nurse’s office was a stretch too far, but now. Now, they were less than metre away and I could almost hear their thoughts without having to press further.

What is she thinking… poor girl… my Aster… doesn’t know… she’ll end up like the other ones… like my boy… my Hannah… will never know…

Nurse’s thoughts were hard to get a reading on, and I didn’t want to linger there for too longer because I just knew that they’d become increasingly disturbing for me to hear. So I shut her out and pushed forwards. I almost whimpered in anticipation of reaching her mind. I wasn’t sure of what I was going to find and that scared me.

With one final shove, I reached it and heard nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

There was not a single thought flickering through Annis’ mind. But that couldn’t have been right because I was in there. I was there, practically sitting in her brain, and I couldn’t hear or see a single thing. It was just black.

I probed around for something, anything, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I wouldn’t do that if I were you. 

The End

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