Four (part six)Mature

“No, no. You don’t get it. She was kind of scary.” I explained, “like, when I say she wouldn’t take no for an answer, I really mean it. She started threatening me in this really roundabout way, saying that she wouldn’t get me go back to normal lessons and that I’d hurt all my friends if I refused.”

Rowan looked at me in surprise, “she said that to you?”

“Yeah.” I said mournfully, “and in the end, I had to agree, you know? What else could I have done; we’d just go around and around in circles until I caved in!”

Odd… she always seemed so nice…

“Well, she’s not!” I replied, and then caught myself. “Sorry. That thought just kind of wormed its way in.”

“It’s fine.” Rowan hesitated, moving to sit on the edge of my bed. “If stuff like that keeps happening though, maybe you should attend the lessons?” He said carefully.

“Are you serious?” I spluttered, sitting up.

He nodded, not meeting my eyes. “Even if she is creepy, you should get them under wraps, learn how to rein in your powers in and stuff.”

“Another thing!” I said, “she won’t let me learn how to bottle the powers up. She refused to let me learn how to prevent them from making an appearance.”

“What?” Rowan said, incredulous, “I thought that was what those lessons were for?”

“She kept going on about how I’d need to learn how to “wield” my extras.” I told him bitterly.

Rowan shook his head in confusion, “Karin, are you sure? This seems awfully messed up to me…”

“It’s true, though.” I insisted, “she’s majorly weird… now that I think about it, it’s really, really weird. Rowan, would you think I was crazy if I said I think there’re thing they’re not telling us?”

“That seems kind of out of the blue,” he said, surprised. “Why’d you think that?”

“Well, I don’t know… I just feel like there’s more going on than we know. I don’t want to go to these lessons, Rowan. I don’t like The Head.”

“You’ve just got pre-lesson jitters,” he laughed nervously. “Seriously, Karin. Don’t go digging.”


“You might not like what you find.” He replied evasively. “Please. For me.”

I stared at his face searchingly, brows pulled together. Rowan looked genuinely worried about me, and I knew there was more going on. I just knew. I didn’t know how I knew, but I did. Rowan also knew more than he was letting on, and I silently begged him with my eyes for some sort of clue as to why he was so scared of searching for answers. He shook his head once more, “please.”

“Fine.” I sighed, folding my arms in frustration. “But it doesn’t stop me from hearing things. You can’t blame me if someone thinks the wrong thing.”

“No, I can’t. Although, I’d hope you wouldn’t take advantage of your telepathy to poke around.”

“I won’t.”


“I promise. Now, will you just sit back down on that chair. You’re making me anxious wringing your hands like that!” I snapped.


As we often did nowadays, the two of us fell into silence. The only sounds in the room were coming from Nurse’s office and it was the rustling of papers followed by the tap of the keyboard. I realised soon after that she had probably heard my complaints about The Head’s behaviour. I worried for a moment because, what if she told her? What if I got in trouble for saying those things?

I glanced at Rowan slyly, making sure he was engrossed in staring at the birds outside of the window before I broke my first promise to him. Sliding down against the pillows, I closed my eyes, breathing out slowly.

In truth, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. At first, I assumed it was just case of picturing Nurse in my head, but that wasn’t enough. I concentrated harder, feeling my brows furrow as I forced my mind to extend and I felt a wave of nausea as my brain felt like it was stretching. That was the only word to explain it, but not too long afterwards, I made contact with something. 

The End

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