Four (part five)Mature

The infirmary was silently, but soothingly so.

After being forced into one of the white-clad beds, Nurse gave me two painkillers and a bottle of water. She was insistent that I stay the night due to the fact she had never heard of a telepath go through so much pain during the manifestation of their power.

Rowan had pulled up a chair, firmly refusing to go back to class. I had teased him for that, accusing him of using me as an excuse to skip lessons he didn’t like. He had laughed along with me, but I had felt my stomach flip at the intense looks of concern he kept shooting me.

While I was grateful for the opportunity to rest again, I couldn’t sleep. Rowan was already dozing next to me in his chair, his hand placed on top of the crisp, white sheets, fingers splayed. I stared at his hand, half in a daze. His nails had been gnawed on until they met the fleshy under part, no doubt out of nerves.

I took another swig of water for lack of anything else to do and wriggled down under the soft quilt. Rowan stirred in his sleep, muttering incoherent words. I turned my head slightly so I could look at him. In sleep, the frown lines and the twist of his smirk were completely smoothed out. His head tilted to the side slightly, his lips were parted as he breathed in deeply, and loudly.

Closing my eyes, I tried to match the tempo of my breathing to his. I felt my mind, which was already groggy from the sudden absence of pain, slow down. Everything started to look hazy as I fell into a light doze, slipping in and out of dreams.

Rowan groaned in his sleep again and my eyes snapped open. When I looked over at him this time, his thick brows were furrowed and his lips were pressed into a thin line. I pulled my hand out from underneath the blankets and placed it on top of his, caressing the back of his hand with my thumb. He muttered again, fingers twitching.

“Rowan,” I said softly. He didn’t stir. “Rowan,” I said again. His eyes fluttered open and he looked down  at me with glazed eyes, “hey.”

“Hey,” he smiled. He pulled his hand out from under mine, I’m not even sure he noticed it was there. He stood up, stretching, then glanced at the clock at the end of the infirmary, above the door. “Oh man, we’ve only been here three hours?”

“Feel free to leave,” I raised my eyebrows, shrugging indifferently.

Rowan shook his head, “nah.”

He started to pace the length of the infirmary out of boredom once our conversation had slowed to a halt, his hands tucked behind him, resting on the small of his back. I watched him for a few moments, before shaking my head and sipping at my water again. Then I remembered something I should probably talk about with him.

“Hey, Rowan?”

“Hm?” He answered without looking at me.

“The Head… have you ever met her? Like, one-on-one?” I asked tentatively.

Rowan looked over to me and shook his head, “nope. Only ever seen her when she hold assemblies.”

“Did you notice anything strange about her?”

“Strange?” He thought about it for a second, “no. Not really.”


“Why, did you think she was weird?”

“Yeah. Majorly weird.” I muttered darkly.

“What did she do?”

“I don’t know…” I frowned as I tried to think of how to phrase it, “she’s just really odd. She wouldn’t take no for an answer, even though I’m pretty sure she saw how much I didn’t want to go to those stupid private lessons.”

“Well, after today, there absolutely no way of escaping them.” Rowan chuckled and I shook my head, feeling irritated. 

The End

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