Four (part two)Mature

I paused and looked at her in shock. Was she really going to guilt me into doing this?

“I understand you’re friends with the Fairwood twins? What would you do if you injured them during an outburst, like you did Becky.”

The sound of Becky’s name made me want to vomit. It was a horrendous memory that I certainly did not want to relive. So I did what I did every time the subject was brought to light, I shoved it right to the back of my mind, denying that it ever happened.

The Head seemed to notice this and she smiled widely, “you understand, Karin? You don’t have a choice. If you refuse, the school will have no choice but to put you in educational isolation until you comply. We have your best interests at heart, but I cannot allow you to walk our school grounds if I believe you to be a threat to the student body.”

“A threat?” I repeated, shocked.   

“Oh, yes. You harmed a fellow student at your previous school. There is no telling what damage you could accidently inflict upon one of Parker Bell’s pupils.”

My eyes widened when her game clicked in my mind. I frowned, biting down on my words. I wanted to be snappy and act like the teenager I was. But she obvious wouldn’t buy that.

“I could just… leave.” I said, shrugging. The Head’s brows furrowed in confused and she tilted her head to indicate I should go on. The familiar tingling sensation hit my spine again. This time is spread slowly throughout my chest, it was a fury which didn’t want to be tested and I bit my lip, trying to drag my mind away from the dark place it sent me to.

“What I meant was, I am going to call my parents and arrange an authorised absence.” I explain, tenting my fingers also, to assert my own dominance.

“You know I won’t allow that, Karin,” The Head sighed, shaking her head. “If I deem you to be unstable, then I can deflect any requests for authorised absences.”

“Well, there isn’t much you can do about unauthorised ones.”

I gulped. I shouldn’t have said that. I should not have said that. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact I was backchatting to a teacher so easily, and even more shocked at the fact I didn’t care much for the consequences of my comments. Maybe all that GE had melted my brain.

“Are you threatening to leave school without permission, Karin? Oh, this is not good. Why are you being so difficult?” She said the last part more to herself. “I need you to do this. Take the classes. For yourself, for your friends, for me. I need to be certain you’re stable.”

“I am stable,” I insisted.

“Your powers emerge at random,” she told me. “It had been over a month since they made an appearance like the ones you experienced yesterday.”

“I know, but I can learn to supress them. I don’t see why I have to control them,” I countered, desperate to escape the conversation. I didn’t have any intentions of learning how to “wield my power”, but I had no desire to be stuck in education isolation for God knows how long, either.

“How about this,” The Head beamed at me, leaping to her feet gracefully, “how about, I tutor you privately, on your own terms. Then you won’t have to be around other students while you get to grips with your extra. We can learn about it together, just us.” Her eyes glistened.

“Well…” I pursed my lips. The offer sounded better than taking a mixed class, and she did seem like she would be a patient teacher. “It would be easier… for me.”

“Yes! Yes!” She cried, her tiger smile was back. “And once we’ve learned to control it, we can learn how to supress it, too.”

Now that sounded better. I nodded slowly, standing up so I could face her properly. “I like that more.”

“Really? How wonderful, Karin! Wonderful. I’m very pleased.”

“Okay.” I smiled back, nervous. “Can I go back to class now?”

“Of course, Karin, of course.” She walked over to the door, and opened it for me. “I’ll send your new timetable to your dorm room.”

“Thank you,” I said. I stepped through the doorway and the stifling heat of the fury I’d felt evaporated. “Bye, Miss.”

“Good-bye, see you soon.” Then the door slammed shut.

I took a shaky breath, steadying myself against the wall.

Weird.” I muttered and I walked back to class. 

The End

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