Four (part one)Mature

After traipsing around the school grounds for well over fifteen minutes, I somehow managed to locate the Head’s office. I realised, much to my own annoyance, that it was in a fairly obvious place and had “HEADMISTRESSES OFFICE” written in huge bold letter on the door.

I rapped on the wood nervously, and the door swung open. I was greeted by a radiant smile and sparkling hazel eyes which were similar to my own in colour; blue in the centre before splaying out into various shades of brown. The woman in front of me was tall and had a classic hourglass figure, her thick, black hair fell in heavy curls down to the small of her back. She looked like she was supposed to be in Hollywood, not in the Headmistresses office.

“Karin, hello!” She beamed at me, swinging her arms wide in an elaborate invitation into her office. I smiled nervously in reply.


“Oh, come now, sit down. Don’t be nervous!” She flashed me her tiger smile again. It was positively predatory, but I still felt the kindness within it to some degree.

I did as I was told, and took to the seat opposite her down. It was excessively plush and I sank into it, instantly regretting my choice of chair. This was going to be awkward to get out of later.

“I presume you know why you’re here?”

“Yes, Miss.” I shifted, and the leather beneath my legs creaked.

“Yes, yes, of course you do. But where to begin, hmm? I’m also going to assume you’ve found out the basics of GE?”


“And, going by your absence in class yesterday, you’ve also talked to your parents?”

“I have.” I hoped she wouldn’t make me talk about that.

“Right, then. We’re going to have a little chat about these extras of yours, then.” She smiled, leaning back into her own soft furnishing.


“So, what is it you think you’re capable of?” The Head asked gently.

“Uh, like, telekinesis.” I muttered my reply.

“Aah, yes, yes. Your parents told me about the incident at your old school. I can assure you that we have zero tolerance for bullying here so you’ll have no issues with feeling threatened.”

I almost wanted to snort in disbelief. Bullying may not exist in this school, but being generally cold and unwelcoming was a recurring theme where Rowan was concerned. I restrained myself, though.

“Yeah, okay.”

“I’m sure you will understand where I’m coming from when I say that we need to ask you to invest some time in studying GE,” she pressed, her voice was beguiling and soft. “We also need you to be taught about your own personal abilities, and how we can hone in on them.”

I was so caught up in her soothing voice that I couldn’t process what she had just said to me until a couple of seconds later. “Wait, hone in?”

“Why, of course!” The Head flashed me her dazzling smile, “we want you to be the best you can be.”

“Shouldn’t you be teaching me how to control them, to keep them under wraps?”

“Under wraps!” She echoed me, appalled and I winced at how distressed she sounded.

“I take that as a no, then,” I muttered.

“It’s a no indeed! Your extras are a gift and it’s a gift that you must learn to wield for yourself, and those who may need it,” she added gently. I jerked my chin up to look at her, startled by her choice of words.

“Um, if it’s all the same, I’d really rather just learn how to bury it and never use it again.” I replied, knotting my fingers together. When I met her eyes, they were kind. But there was something off about the kindness, I could sense a barely concealed hatred simmering underneath and it made me feel uncomfortable to be in her presence. I considered telling her about my strange, sudden bouts of fury and anxiety, just for a moment.

“Really, now, there is no sense in that.” The Head said, trying to gently persuade me. It wasn’t working.

“I didn’t ask for this, Miss. Sorry, but I’m happy not knowing how to use them. I don’t want to be able to, and I don’t want to use them for anyone else, either.” I said bluntly, in my sweetest voice as to not sound completely rude.

She shook her head again, unwilling to accept “no” as an answer. Her full, plum-painted lips were now pulled into a tight line. “Karin, you must understand,” she leaned forwards, tenting her fingers. I folded my arms in return, trying to convey how against her ideas I was via the means of body language. “What if you get overly emotional, again? You wouldn’t want to hurt your friends now, would you?”

The End

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