Three (part four)Mature

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“I don’t know.” I admitted, running a hand through my hair. Rowan mirrored my action, dragging his fingers through the dishevelled curls which stuck up in random places from sleep. I noticed that under the T-Shirt he had worn to bed, he was wearing his binding because his shirt fell flush against his chest. Or maybe he’d put it on in the time I was waiting for him to open the door. I sighed, dragging my eyes away from him, “I just came here ‘cause I felt really bad.”

“You shouldn’t feel bad, it’s not your fault, Karin.” Rowan reassured me, leaning forwards.

“Right,” I said bitterly. “I was just so mad and I called them, and I said some pretty harsh things but even now I can’t help but think that they deserved it, you know?” I laughed, “and, like, d’you know that they originally gave me GE because I would’ve been born with an illness?”

Rowan’s face fell into a perfect expression of sympathy, “you would have rather been sick than have GE?”

“I don’t even know. I mean, yeah, it’s good that I’m not sick because that would’ve been sad but I can’t help but think that this is so much worse. No offence,” I added.

“None taken,” he shrugged, “I guess it is in a few ways. Even though this is the norm for me now, I do wonder sometimes why they’re still doing it even though it makes some of us like this.”

I hummed in agreement, “why didn’t they talk to me about it when I entered the school? I mean, the teachers and stuff. Don’t they talk to students about it?”

“They do… but it’s usually only in special classes, like extra lessons where we get to skip the timetable and learn more about GE. We don’t get them often, though. They drag kids like us out from time to time, to figure out how our extras are developing and stuff.”

“Okay. Oh.” I paused. “Ooh. Is that why Mr Hall yanked me out at the end of lesson to ask if I was feeling sick?”

“Probably. But I’ve never heard of kids getting sick from GE,” Rowan frowned.

“Yeah, but I was sick before GE, right? Maybe they’re just checking up to see if all’s well.”

Rowan nodded, “that sounds reasonable.” Then he abruptly changed the subject, “so your extra is telekinesis? That’s pretty cool.”

“I think so. It’s only happened three times, though, including yesterday. I, uh, had to leave my old school because I hurt someone.”

“Oh, God, sorry. I didn’t mean to bring that up,” Rowan winced and I shook my head, smiling sadly.

“It’s nothing. My parents said she wasn’t seriously injured but that’s not the point, right? I could have killed her if they’d riled me up enough.”

“It is a bit weird that they didn’t send you to this school earlier. I thought you absolutely had to come to Parker Bell if you’d been through GE?”

“I didn’t ask about that, really. I was too busy blowing my top off,” I muttered darkly.

“Ah, right,” Rowan laughed before standing up. “It’s nearly half past. I’ll get dressed then we can head off for breakfast, 'kay?”

“Um… shall I wait outside?” I asked awkwardly but he just shook his head.

“I’ll use the bathroom.” He rifled through his draws and pulled out some fresh clothes. “Man, I’m not used to being up this early!”

“Sorry,” I mumbled and he laughed at me.

“Maybe it’ll do me some good.” Then he strode into the bathroom, “I’ll be back in a min.” 

The End

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