Three (part three)Mature

I woke up to the bright morning light which was pouring into my bedroom.

My entire body ached in protest as I sat up straight, stretching. I glanced over at the clock on my bedside table. Seven thirty. I realised that I should probably get up and eat something, but what I really wanted to do was go back to sleep despite the fact I’d be out cold since yesterday morning. I didn’t even know I had it in me to sleep for that long.

I also had no doubt that Rowan would be freaking out if I didn’t go and apologise for disappearing on him. So I forced myself to stand up and stumble into the bathroom.

After I’d finished drying myself off from my shower, I wrapped the towel around myself and returned to my room. I usually woke up a lot later, and didn’t have time for showers in the morning so it was nice to give myself that opportunity.

By the time I had yanked on a fresh pair of jeans and buttoned up my plaid shirt, my hair was starting to dry a little. It was still too early to head over to the dining hall for breakfast. Even though I knew he wouldn’t be awake, I decided that it was probably a good idea to pay Rowan a visit.

I pulled on my slippers and slipped out of my room and down the corridor. I realised with a small amount of surprise that I had never actually been to Rowan’s room, although I knew where it was.

Rowan’s room was on the top floor of the dorms, whereas mine was on the bottom. On my way through the winding halls and twisting staircases, I heard girls giggling and bashing around in their bedrooms. I pursed my lips as I walked up the last flight of stairs, I wonder why I didn’t get assigned a roommate, I thought.

I reached the top floor and paused, looking around as I tiptoed through the corridor. None of the doors had name tags next to them so that meant no one else was staying up here. I eventually made it to Rowan’s door, which had “Fairwood” scrawled on the piece of paper next to the room number in his messy script.

Knocking tentatively, I called out to him, “Rowan, can I come in?”

Nothing stirred in the room for nearly a minute and I worried for a moment that he wouldn’t be in there. So I raised my hand to knock again, but as my knuckled moved to rap on the door it swung open and I yelped in surprise.

Rowan’s eyes widened for a moment when he saw me, then his face softened and he moved aside so I could enter. I felt his eyes on me as I padded over to sit on the edge of the unclothed bed opposite his.

“You okay?” He asked softly, and I nodded, biting my lip. I wrung my hands together and smiled apologetically.

“Sorry for yesterday. I kind of lost it,” I mumbled.

“I would have lost it too.”

“Nah, you wouldn’t have,” I laughed quietly, “I was just a bit… you know… however you get when you find out your parents have lied to you for your entire life.”

“Right,” Rowan chucked, sitting opposite me on his own bed. It was the only dishevelled looking artefact in the room, the quilt was rucked from where he’d moved it to get out and answer the door. The rest of his bedroom was weirdly tidy, but still felt welcoming. Not like those horribly clean homes where everything is pristine and you feel like you have to sit on a plastic bag so you don’t get their chairs mucky. A large bookshelf dominated the wall in-between the two beds and the shelves were sinking under the weight of the books which were all piled on top of one another to make more space.

“I called them,” I said casually, leaning back. 

The End

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