Three (part two)Mature

“You ship me off to a random school with walls so high I can’t see the forest which surrounds it and I didn’t understand why. You didn’t have the decency to explain what happened back home, at my old school. All I can think is, did I kill that girl? Or, why did that table move without anyone fucking touching it?”

I heard my Dad’s breath catch and I couldn’t stop talking; taking a sadistic pleasure from making them hurt.

“Well, thanks for that. No, really, thanks. I mean, not only was I sent to this school with no friends and no parental support, but you failed to tell me one really big thing about this nut house.”

Oh, Karin, darling, please,” Mum begged, her voice broken with tears.

“No, just shut up! When were you going to tell me? If at all, judging by our lack of contact these past few weeks,” I snarled. “But, in all honestly, I guess I understand. Seriously, I wonder… when is the best time to tell your child you fucked with nature and turned them into a science experiment?”

Karin Kneller! You stop this talk right now! We had our reasons for doing what we did!

“Oh then, please, enlighten me.”

They told us you would be sick! They said you’d be born wrong!” My mother wailed.

That made my even angrier, “so you didn’t want a disabled kid? Oh, Jesus, just when I thought you couldn’t get any more fucked up.”

You’re twisting my words, Karin, I didn’t mean it like that. We just wanted the best for you.

“You could have given me the best! Who cares if I was born disabled? But now? This is so much worse. I can hurt people. And you made me like this.”

That girl wasn’t so seriously hurt and, honestly, dear, you did bring it on yourself.

“Oh, for crying out loud. Brought it on myself how, exactly?”

You shouldn’t have told people about what’re you’re like! It gave them a reason to bully you!

“For the last time, I wasn’t being bullied! It was once. Once. And it wasn’t my fault they decided to do it.”

Yes it was,” my mother insisted.

“For what?”

Being… being gay!

“I’m not gay! If you hadn’t failed to notice, I have been in relationships with boys, too. But you never cared a great deal about what I got up to in my spare time, anyway.” I roared into the phone. I wanted to cry and scream and hit and punch, but instead I sat up straight, my hands clutching the phone so tight my knuckles were white.

Sorry, Karin, please don’t be angry at us, we just wanted to help you.

“Well you’ve done a fucking awful job of it.”

Please, love, you have to understand! We didn’t know it would go wrong! They said there was a one in ten chance of a mutation developing and we were so desperate. We wanted you to grow up without being restricted by your illness!

“This is an illness too.”

Please don’t say that,” my father was crying too, now.

“No, it is. What if I can’t go out in public properly, or be angry, or sad because I might hurt people with these stupid powers.”

You won’t, that’s why you’re at Parker Bell, they’ll teach you how to deal with these things!

Sure they will.”

Karin, do you see now? Do you see why we had to give you GE?

“I will never understand why you would rather turn to science to prevent your child from being born naturally. All I have taken from this is that you didn’t want a disabled kid. Furthermore, you’ve still failed to tell me why you’ve hidden this from me for my entire life.”

We didn’t want to hurt you with the truth.”

“Well now you’ve hurt me with your lies. Don’t expect me to be visiting you. In the summer I fully expect an apartment to be rented for me so I don’t have to live with you for six weeks. Bye.”

Before they could say another word, I pressed a shaky finger to the ‘end call’ button. I didn’t have any tears left to shed, so I just fell onto my side and let sleep take me.

The End

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