One (part two)Mature

After taking about six wrong turns and walking into three wrong classrooms(one of which had a full class in it), I finally managed to find the art studio.

I was still five minutes early. The benches next to the art studio were covered in doodles, graffiti and henna-like designs from top to bottom. I smiled absently as I took my place on a bench which was covered in pretty, curling flowers and random little poems.

I heard a small cough from the other side of the hall. I glanced up nervously, only to find myself greeted by a pair of strikingly green eyes. My eyes darted away, unwilling to make further eye contact.

Unable to resist the temptation, I snuck another glance at the figure sat opposite me. Short, black hair in a rough, edgy cut was complimented by an undercut and I could make out tan skin under the bristles of shaved hair. A thick, black scarf was wrapped around a slim neck and draped lazily over a pair of smooth shoulders revealed by a black tank top. It seemed that those electrifying green eyes were the only splash of colour against all that black.

When my eyes flicked back up, I realised I’d be caught staring. Feeling abashed, I hurriedly looked away, too embarrassed to acknowledge that I’d just be gawking so openly at a stranger. I heard a soft chuckle and my face flushed what I assumed was a rather unpleasant shade of red.

“You’re new, aren’t you?” A soft voice called out to me.

My head snapped up and I caught a glimpse of an amused smile, I flushed again. “Yeah.”

“Bit late to be enrolling here, isn’t it?” I frowned.

“I don’t see how.” I replied stiffly.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it. Just trying to make conversation. You looked terrified.”

“Did I?” I laughed nervously, “just a little twitchy… first day and all.”

“We’re all feeling that way, first day back at school is never fun.”

There didn’t seem to be anything left to say after that and we slipped into a comfortable silence. Every now and then, I tried to slyly gaze upon that face which looked like it should be carved out of marble. Then something occurred to me, something I hadn’t really thought on until that moment. As I stared at my classmate from across the wide corridor, I was unable to allocate them a gender. It was an interesting predicament and one I’d never been in before. But what struck me more was that I didn’t really care. Regardless of gender, my classmate was so androgynously beautiful that the beauty was ethereal.

I felt as though it would be considerably rude to just come out and ask, so I didn’t; hoping the powers of observation would prevail.

They didn’t.

“You right?”

“What?” I blinked, coming out of my daze.

“Are you alright?” A smirk played lightly on an amused face. It reminded me vaguely of the expression Ryan was wearing while he made poor attempts to flirt with me. “Hmm?”

“Oh, sorry, yeah. Sorry.” I muttered, ducking my head down so my hair fell and covered my flaming cheeks.

“It’s not a crime to ask, you know?”

“Sorry.” I said again, not wanting to admit my trail of thoughts.

Another silence.

“So are you not going to?”

“Going to what?”


“No. Sorry.” I risked looking up, and saw my classmate blink in shock. A quick recovery was made and that playful smirk was threatening to make another appearance.

“You apologise a lot.”

“Sorry.” I laughed softly at my reflexive reply. A response laugh chimed through the corridor, short and breathy.

Silence invaded our privacy against, but this time it felt more like a pause from the conversation.

“I’m Rowan, by the way. Rowan Fairwood.”

I blinked in surprise, looking up, “are you related to Ryan Fairwood?”

Rowan’s lips were drawn into a thin line as soon as I uttered the name. “Sadly, yes. Yes I am.”

By Rowan’s reaction, I figured it would probably make things turn very awkward very quickly if I revealed they spoke in a very similar fashion. So I just shrugged, tilting my head in sympathy.

“I gouge from your reaction that you’ve already met.”

“Met.” I rolled the word on my tongue, grimacing. “More like, he talked and I ignored him as best as I could.”

“Ignoring him generally helps make him fuck off.” Rowan said grimly. I laughed, grinning. Something told me that this was not a subject I should pry into, so I didn’t. 

The End

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