I, Prophecy

Sarah Elizabeth Bright is beautiful, smart, popular, and loved. She is in her final year of high school and her life is promising, until a black van full of strangers appear at her doorstep demanding that she go with them. Just then handsome Protector, Trey, appears out of the darkness. In a world were 2012 has occurred Sarah is a special treasure to obtain.
She was the only child to be born the exact month of destruction.
She is humanities only hope.

He told me everything would be okay.

My grandparents were getting old and they could not free me from my dead parents' past choices. How was my Nana of seventy-two years old supposed to know that I didn't belong to them anymore? Or my Pop, who stood high at six feet even on his seventy-fifth year?

No one knew why my parents did what they did, but when I was a baby, the world had been in a disarray, considering it being right after 2012.

Before it all happened I had been a high school senior. I was popular, had a boyfriend, a best friend, and a dog named Pearl. I got good grades, my teachers loved me, and I was going to the best school in the country. Until then I didn't know that Canada was under such attacks that children were paying for their dead parents' mistakes.

The night that it happened, the same noises filtered in our old country house--nothing felt special about the evening. Julie, my long black haired best friend had just left and a screaming black van had taken her car's place.

I remember the tinkling of the ice in my glass of ice tea as I tried to close the door rapidly, but the accusers had reached me quickly.

"Are Sarah Elizabeth Bright?" The man that had reached me first said.

"Who wants to know?" I replied, still trying to close the door.

"Your parents have a debt to pay."

"Well, my parents are dead, so, if you'll excuse me, I don't talk to strangers."

The guy chuckled then, taking a few thoughtful steps, forgetting my attempts at closing the door in front of him.

"We're not strangers," he finally said, "We've seen you before."

I let go of the door then, eyes wide and jumped slightly as Pop's voice came from behind me. "What are you doing here Stephen?"

"To collect." His eyes looked crazed; glazed over with mental excitement.

"She isn't going, I thought we cleared this up when she turned four?" My Pop used a strict voice.

"Yes, you did clear that up with them," a new voice appeared out of the darkness, "but we still have business with her."

My Pop placed his worn hands on my shoulders. "Who are you?"

An attractive man stepped into the porch light and gave the other visitors a cold stare, "Scoot."

The others gave him a stern look and turned around to live. The leader, balding and blond, turned around when he was near his van, "This isn't over."

"I know." The man in front of us whispered and smiled.

"Who...?" is all I could say.

"I'm Trey, your Protector that your parents hired for you when this time came."

"But my parents are dead." I muttered.

"Yes," he held out his hand, "but they loved you. Though they made mistakes like the one that was just here, they also took steps to prevent those mistakes from having any results against you."

"What does this mean?" My Pop asked, finally letting go of my shoulders.

"She needs to come with me Eric," my Pop tensed up behind me. "It's a harsh world Eric, she is important and needs to be protected. Too many people know who she is and what she is and in this apocalypse of a world there aren't many places to stay safe. But one of those places that you can trust, is with me."

"I can't," again, Pop's hands went on my shoulders. "I just can't let Sarah go."

"You know how important she is, you know that she is in danger here."

"What is he saying Pop?" I was completely lost in this conversation and my Pop turned me around.

"Listen carefully Sarah: you are very special, you were born on the day that 2012 redeemed Earth. You may not know what that means today, but eventually you will learn." He hugged me tightly and I could hear his frightened heart. "You need to go with him."

I struggled then out of his grip. "What? Are you insane Pop? I can't do that, I can't leave with someone I don't know!"

"But he will keep you safe!" Pop shouted in a voice I had never heard him use before.

I became quiet and I looked over my shoulder at the gently smiling handsome Trent. "We need to go." He murmured, "The time has come."

There had been no time to pack. Everything would be given to me wherever we were going. I never saw Nana since she was asleep during the whole situation and Pop had fought bravely to not cry.

Sitting in his leather interior, black SUV I had stared longingly at the house that had been my home for so long. "Where are we going?" I asked quietly.

"Somewhere safe." He replied before pulling away from all the memories I had of my lost home.

The End

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