Epilogue (Part 7)

Jensen unbuttoned his shirt, then pressed my right hand that was on his chest, pressed the heat of my palm against his heart. It beat; so fast. I stared at him in wonder, unable to think or feel anything else but his heart thump uncontrollably inside of his chest.

“Because every time you cry, or smile, or laugh, that’s what my heart does. It’s what it’s always done, ever since day one.”

Jensen moved closer, resting his forehead against mine. Our breaths collided in the tiny space of air we had together under the sheets, as his heart continued to beat rapidly.

“I wanted to know Roxanne. I wanted to take a chance on you because I knew you were worth it. And last year, at the reunion, when you said ‘yes’, I promised myself I would never make you regret that ‘yes’. Have you?”

“No,” I breathed. “I haven’t.”

“Seeing you take care of your brother, this is what my heart does.”


“When you landed on top of me in the forest at camp, this is what my heart did.”


“Even when I hear you snore like a lawn mower sometimes - yes, you snore, no arguing, you do and you know it - it’s what it does.”


“It doesn’t matter when or where. I can’t help myself or stop it and I don’t want to. Not when you’re sick and coughing all over me, not when you’ve fallen asleep on my shoulder and it aches cause your head weighs like a billion pounds after a while, and definitely not when you’re sobbing into my shirt when there’s a thunderstorm.”

He traced my bottom lip with his thumb, making it tingle in the nicest way. Leaning forwards, he kissed me softly. I closed my eyes and cherished the gentle pressure of his mouth against mine.

He smiled throughout the kiss before stopping for the briefest moment, and whispering in a hushed tone, “I love you.”

Eyes opening, I looked into his. My favorite dark brown orbs twinkled for me as Jensen responded with the whole of his body and soul. His heart beat for me. I didn’t so much as flinch when the next wave of thunder, rain and cold hit me. There wasn’t a ‘me’ any more. There was an ‘us’ .

“And I will be here, always,”

As his heart beat reverberated through my hand and to my very own core, I shut my eyes and listened to his words, absorbing them into a part of who I was. Every time he kissed my skin, my soul leaped with his and I knew he meant it all.

“Just like this, Roxanne.”


“I promise.”

The End

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