Epilogue (Part 6)

I envied Adam. He stayed sound asleep throughout the storm, not stirring even a bit based on the silence from the baby monitor. I, a full grown 19-year old on the other hand, shuddered in terror.

“Roxanne.” Jensen’s hot breath against my ear tickled and distracted me momentarily as I peered up at him. His eyes were gentle and calm as he took hold of my hand and brought it to his chest.

“Do you remember that time we went camping in the woods for Lea to have fun? The night you and I finally went over feelings we’d been containing from each other for years?”

I nodded. My hand tightened painfully around his as another loud boom echoed off the room. He didn’t stop though, holding my gaze steady.

“Seeing your eyes well up in tears because of me was painful. And every time you cry because of the thunder storms, I blame it on myself and it hurts because if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t-”

“Jensen, it-”

“Let me finish Roxanne.”

I pressed my lips together. He took this as a sign to continue.

“But as much as it hurts, every time you cry, I can’t help but think: ‘This girl is so, goddamn beautiful.’” He smiled at me, taking my left hand that was balled up into a fist, loosening it, and bringing it to his mouth. Kissing each finger, he spoke against it, “She’s mine. And I know I’m hers. Entirely. Do you want to know how?”

The End

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