Epilogue (Part 5)

Whiplash against the sky; thunder erupted in the background and I shot under the covers, hands slapped tightly over my ears to muffle the sound. I thought I heard Jensen sigh and say something about never catching a break, and I couldn’t agree with him more. Yet, as he delved under the covers to see me, I cringed away from his touch like every other time this had happened.

The movement of his lips saying my name as his hands tried to pry mine apart from my ears softly was all I could make out before another crack of thunder splitting apart the sky shook me again.

“Jensen, you should probably just go. I hate seeing you seeing me like this.”

He tickled the surface of my palm, moving my fingers away and urged me to look at him.

Jensen’s eyes were not stormy at all in indecisiveness as he said in the firmest voice, “I’m never going to go. It’s because of me you have this fear, and I want to be the one to rid you of it. I will be. So don’t for a second think I’ll go, alright?”

I nodded slowly, my vision growing unclear cause of the tears. Jensen kissed them away before pulling me close into him. Like every other time, he held me close throughout the storm, ‘sshhing’ me much like I do with Adam every time I begun to squirm away.

We’ve been together for more than a year now, and till now, he’d shown up on my doorstep every single time word of a thunderstorm broke out. And every single time, he’d wipe the tears away and calm me down, waiting till I fell asleep in his arms so that his heart could rest too.

The End

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