Epilogue (Part 2)

I decided to watch The Simpsons with him which was running on channel five, the usual Friday night time-slot. His tears dried away, turning into laughter as he pointed at the screen.

Ever since Adam had come around, not only had I taken on the more responsible big sister role but so had Lea. With a baby around, she couldn’t be her usual crazy self and she’d decided to help mom around the house more as much as she could (when she wasn’t away helping Jet manage his band and all). We’d all started to see the change in her as she begun maturing into a more civilized young woman who knew her responsibilities and didn’t fool around as much. But Lea was still Lea at heart.

The doorbell rang, jolting me out of my thoughts. Looking over, I noticed the bulky silhouette of someone behind the front door. The head was rather rectangular looking, and the person had what looked like a baseball bat in hand. Adam tugged at my hair, getting my attention. Oh, he wanted to know who it was alright; with much more interest than I did.

Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself down and held Adam tightly to my chest as he rested his head on my shoulder, continuing to pull at my hair like it was the most fascinating toy on the planet.I blamed my imagination running out on me like that on Lea.

Lea had warned me about a killer on the loose during her ‘you can do it’ pep-talk. So much for inspiration. My nerves were on edge as I reached for the doorknob. I paused, thought better of it and grabbed the small flower vase from the table on the right. A baby in one hand, and in the other, a glass weapon. Worst case scenario: throw both and run for my life.

The End

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