Babies are adorable. Screaming babies - not so much.

It was hard enough that I had to take care of Adam with mom and dad away visiting family over the weekend. It was even worse now that Lea had departed for the world tour with Jet and his band. She wouldn’t be back for another two weeks, leaving me to be the one sibling responsible for a crying, attention-demanding, diaper-pooping eight month old baby boy.

On top of that, I had a term paper due on Monday for Professor Rothman, who wasn’t just the meanest professor for second year Business students alike, but also the strictest. I wasn’t even close to finished!

Just when I’d plopped back down on my bed, notebooks and textbooks strewn all over it, the baby monitor went off again. Releasing an exasperated sigh, I dragged myself back off my butt and into Adam’s room. Picking the precious munchkin up, I rocked him from side to side, bouncing him lightly to quiet him down.

“There, there. Sshh.”

From the corner of my eye, I noticed the Winnie The Pooh clock on his wall read five minutes to eight. It had been four hours since Lea had left, four hours since I’d had to take care of my brother all by myself and it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it would turn out to be - no, it was about a billion times harder.

Mom had told me his bed-time was sharp eight o’clock, that I was to rock, sing and lullaby him into his dreams. But little Adam would doze off for just ten minutes or so before waking up and wailing like a siren, as most babies do. And my putting-to-sleep abilities weren’t so good I’d learned.

“Alright, alright. I know you’re a night owl Adam. Just don’t tell mom about this okay? This secret will rest between just you and me.”

He stopped crying for the shortest of seconds, staring up at me with tearful blue eyes that he’d inherited from dad. He mumbled something in his baby dialect which I took as a ‘yes’. Smiling at him, I walked out of the room and past mine, looking longingly at my laptop.

Who was I kidding - there was no way I’d be getting any work done tonight.

The End

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