Chapter Sixteen (Part 19)

His voice softened into a whisper, into a tone reserved for a lover. “Now that I’m with you, I want you.”

Jensen stroked the growing flames in my heart as his fingers rested on my cheeks, caressing the side of my face. I soaked myself in his beauty; in the way his voice had the power to make my body feel things new and exciting, in the way his eyes held me tethered to the Earth so that I could not escape, not without him.

“I want you so that I can take you out for more canoe rides on the lake. I want you so that we could bake brownies together for Melanie and your baby brother when we’re babysitting.”

He took a deep breath to calm his heart. “Roxanne, I want you now more than ever, so that I can make up for all the years I’ve spent wanting you. With actions.”

His finger traced the curve of my lips before resting on my lap, interlacing with my hands once again.

“Will you let me?”

His eyes conveyed more than just desire for me, but dreams towards something bigger. They held a promise of something different, something I had never had before. And Jensen was leaving it entirely up to me to make the decision. Could I trust him once again to embark on something together? Could I give him the key and believe that he’d find me in the dark when I needed him most?

Tentatively, my hand drew closer to his face. The contact of my fingers on his skin on was an awakening of its own, making me realize the one thing I needed to know for my choice. There is hope here.

I wanted to know.

With a smile tugging at my lips, I answered wholeheartedly, “Yes.”

The End

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