Chapter Sixteen (Part 15)

Her words were followed by a few seconds of complete silence before the whole room exploded into cheers. Relatives crowded around my parents to congratulate them, and give them well wishes for the nine months ahead. Their words echoed off the walls, coming right back at me but I stood still, frozen. Lea’s hand had torn out of mine; her reaction instant as she’d jumped up into the air in delight and ran towards our parents.

“You okay?” Jensen asked, slipping his hand through mine. Before I could manage a reply, both my parents squeezed through the crowd and towards me with Lea by their side. They all seemed rather worried, dad especially. I was at a loss for words as they asked me the exact same question Jensen had.

“I’m...just surprised.”

Mom reached over and gave my hand a squeeze. “I found out a month ago; and told Lea and your father.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” It wasn’t accusatory. I didn’t want to turn on Lea so I asked her softly. I wasn’t angry over the fact that they’d kept it from me, but nevertheless, I wanted to know.

My father answered on her behalf. “Because we didn’t want to tell you until we knew you felt comfortable being part of the family. It took you longer than the rest of us to settle in with everything. Telling you about the baby, we thought, would be overwhelming.”

He paused when he noticed Jensen’s hand in mine, and I could read his mind at the moment and what thought must have flickered through by the way his eyebrows arched. Dad decided to interrogate me later though and went on to ask, “Are you happy?”

Jensen squeezed my hand so hard when it took me a few seconds to say anything back. “Of course!” I smiled, letting go of him and stepping forwards to give my mom a hug. “My brain’s just working slowly cause I’m in shock but mom, I’m so happy for you. For us.”

The End

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