Chapter Sixteen (Part 14)

My head snapped towards Jensen. A business deal?

My mom nodded, urging me to believe her. “They’re entering into a partnership together, seeing as they're both leaders in the same industry. I was surprised to see Jensen here but it might do well as you’ll be seeing a lot more of him at business parties and such.”

“Sure she will,” Jensen added, grinning.

I held back the smile, elbowing him when my mom wasn’t looking.

“Is this true dad?”

The expression on my father’s face was an answer in itself. I tried not to look too ecstatic about the matter. Not only would a business partnership mean more chances for me and Jensen to spend time together, but also for our families to get to know each other. The only thing I hoped for not to happen was a business feud.

“There’s something else we’ve got to tell you too!” Mom exclaimed, barely able to contain the excitement within herself. I noticed my dad slip his hand into hers, making my mother glow even more. Before I could ask, he danced her away (literally) towards the staircase. She hopped up onto a level good enough for everyone to see her before clapping her hands loudly to gather everyone’s attention.

“My good people! We’ve got an announcement for you!”

I felt someone tug sharply on my hand and peered over my shoulder. Lea came to my side with Jet and smiled at me.

“Do you know what this is about?” I whispered, scanning through the faces of the people around us who seemed just as clueless as I did.

“No idea.”

“Now it’s been a while since news like this has been given over family reunions but both my husband and I are delighted to share this with you all this evening.”

Dad grinned at mom in a way that made Lea beside me go ‘urgh’ in fake-disgust; it was one of those purely romantic, ‘I’d die for you’ gazes. At that second, he looked about ten years younger, as did my mom as she glanced at him, her cheeks growing redder by the second. But without further delay, she turned to face us once again, her gaze seeming to fall on Lea and I.

With a grin, she exclaimed at the top of her voice, “I’m pregnant!”

The End

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