Chapter Sixteen (Part 13)

The night was going quite peacefully, for everyone apart from me that is. Fortunately, Uncle Tony and Aunt Claire were informed immediately of the little ‘incident’ in their bedroom, and lucky for me these people loved me so much that they couldn't hold a grudge.

The news about me had spread through the party like wildfire. As I descended the stairs, back into the main hall, heads turned and eyes fixed on me. Lea continued to whisper reassurances into my ear as she maintained an iron grasp on my wrist, directing me towards our parents. Jensen and Jet followed closely behind, bickering over something I couldn’t hear but the boys’ conversation was the least of my worries.

“Oh, there you are!” Mom had spotted us, waving and smiling at me. And it wasn’t just the slap-on, fake smile either. I guess Lea hadn’t been kidding when she’d said mom truly was okay with her daughter being the face of all insult to the family.

“We were so worried! Lea got you fixed back up in the bathroom?”

I nodded. Lea’s magical make-up could do wonders.

“Good.” Mom took a peek over my shoulder, her grin widening a whole lot before she pushed past both me and Lea. “Jensen Sterling, my oh my, never thought I’d be seeing you again!”

Jensen looked stunned as my mom pulled him into a hug and then beamed up at him as if he were her long-lost son.

“It’s been too long! I must introduce you to my husband - hold on, he was somewhere around here.” She pulled him away for a private discussion, leaving Lea, Jet and I to stand alone, our eyes the only part of us allowed to follow them.

“Your mom knows Jensen?” Jet asked, nudging me lightly.

“He came over, like once, when we were younger. I’m surprised she still remembers him though.”

From the corner of my eye, I noticed mom gesturing to me. Eager to be in on whatever it was they were discussing, I joined them.

Her eyes sparkling unnaturally, mom clapped her hands together and looked at both Jensen and I as she asked, “Darling, do you know that your father is getting into a business deal with Mr. Sterling?”

The End

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